Bye, Bye!

26 Sep

Welp, after a lot of long and heartfelt thought I have decided to close my design blog for good. I will no longer be posting to this blog. It was fun and the site will be up for awhile so you can read about old posts. I had to consider if the time I spent on this blog made sense with my new life as Mom. The conclusion is, it did not. I love posting about my diy projects and sharing them with readers who appreciate that kind of thing, but I must reclaim some of my time for more important missions.

The most important thing in my life is and will always be my God, my church, and my family. As a Mom, life is busier than ever and I need to create margin in my life to fill with things that matter for much longer than my latest paint color choice or cute new pillow.

I am not belittling my favorite hobby and I can assure you that I will continue to decorate and redecorate my house as I find time but I will just relax and enjoy my creativity with my family and the stress of photoing the projects, writing about them, etc.. will not be there.

I am very inspired recently to SIMPLIFY my life so I can focus on things of eternal purpose and consequence.  So with that I bid you farewell and hopefully give my last bit of inspiration to you, that you may do an inventory on your own life and create margin for more things of eternal consequence.

Bye, Bye,



Tasteful Tikes, an Etsy Shop for tasteful kids clothing

21 Sep

A few weeks ago I started a new Etsy shop called Tasteful Tikes. The idea behind the shop is to offer vintage upcycled baby and toddler clothing that is SO adorable, tasteful and affordable. The dresses are cut to fit babies and toddlers and not “pre-tweens” (what I call the overly skimpy and tasteless designs for toddler clothing that you find in stores now). They are classically designed and are practical and comfortable on top of being full of vintage details you cannot find today. I have already sold several pieces for things like 1st birthday’s, family photo sessions, weddings, etc… I am so excited to introduce my shop to my blog followers.

Check out just a few of the one of a kind listings.











We offer dresses, skirts, headbands, nursing scarfs/necklaces and vintage linens all for a price range of $7.00-$32.00! 

Go check out my unique shop and if you see something you like, snatch it up before it is gone because each piece is one of a kind. Click here to visit the shop.

Fan Makeover, Little details make all the difference! Stripes in Archway.

6 Sep





A few weeks ago Young House Love “House Crashed” my house and they were loving the stripes in my pass-through window. Now, this was so cool to me because I have always been on the fence about my pass-through window (I kinda do not like them). All the positive feedback from the picture Young House Love posted above actually gave me a new found love for what I now think of as my “adorable little window”. The thing people seemed to like most were the stripes. For me the stripes were one of those “ah,ha” moments when I had stared at that hole in the wall for just about long enough trying to decide what would make it look better.

Today I received a comment from a fan who shared that my “adorable little window” so inspired them that they look the idea and implemented it in their own home. HOW COOL!

archway-beforegreen-striped-archway (1) striped-archway-and-stairs


Dominique painted 4″ stripes like mine in her “used to be plain but is now so fab” archway. Not only do I love that I actually inspired someone else, but I am loving the color that she used and I am also loving her blog. Go check out her blog here, and leave her some love if you like her makeover.

Latest Etsy creations! Teething Infinity Scarfs $19.99 + Free Shipping

4 Sep



For all you new Mommies out there, this post is for you. As I mentioned in my previous post my baby boy is teething and GRUMPY! It got me to thinking, “I want a teething necklace that I would actually wear and not those bulky and frumpy ones I see on the market now.” So I decided that I simply must make and sell these babies! So stylish you can wear them anytime! Check them out now in my Etsy shop (click here). Available in 7 colors and custom colors upon request. 

Birthday Bash! Boy’s First Birthday

3 Sep

Sorry for the extended absence. We took a much needed vacation to the Outer Banks. It was so much fun, but now it is back to the daily routine. Hope you guys have entered my giveaway below. If you haven’t, don’t miss out. It is a good one!

Anyways, I have been super busy with managing the day to day stuff and also a teething and grumpy baby so I will be doing a quick post. I have been trying to plan a low key but still cute birthday party for Luke. He is turning 1 TOMORROW!! I can’t believe it. So I thought I would share some of my Pinterest baby boy birthday finds with you today. If you are planning a boy birthday party, you might enjoy this.


What a cute and easy cake idea. Remember I am always like to keep it real when it comes to “Pinteresting”. “Come on Katie, you know you cannot make a pirate ship birthday cake!” So I found this cake both cute and realistic. I can make a plain chocolate cake from a box and dust it with cocoa. I can break up Reeses. I have a toy truck. DONE!


I thought this would be fun for pictures on the day of. I will already have balloons and I have already made a Birthday Banner (here for that DIY project). The other thing that makes this a great idea. Luke loves to stand up in his crib. It should make for an easy shot of him standing still.


Here are more truck ideas. A super easy way to make the party table look cute. You could use trucks that you already have or give new trucks as the birthday gifts.

luke 1st bday 2 copy

Here is our DIY birthday photoshoot that I just finished yesterday. I took chevron wrapping paper and taped it to the wall. Then I taped up the birthday banner, gave the boy a baseball, and started snapping with my iPhone. It took about 200 shots but we got a few good ones. Here are a few tips I use to take better pictures with my iPhone.

A Fabulous Giveaway! $75 Novica Gift Certificate

30 Aug

Calling all lovers of unique home decor, clothing, art, and unique gifts, this is the giveaway for you (that should include everyone I think)! To describe Novica in my own words, they are kinda like attending an awesome artisan festival that features unique and hard to find items from artist from all over the globe. The best part is you don’t even have to leave your own house. You can attend this artisan festival online at They are giving away one $75 gift certificate to one of my lucky readers to spend on their website. How awesome is that!! Novica offers a huge variety of items from Home Decor, art, clothing, and even jewelry! I surfed through their website and found a few things that really caught my eye.

I am absolutely crazy about with these “Gond paintings” of things like Happy Peacocks, Cows, and Deer. These would look great in Luke’s playroom!

p188097_2a_400p188093_2a_400 p188095_2a_400 p188090_2a_400

I kinda have a thing for pretty throws and these are no exception. I love the neutral tones and they could go in any room in my home!

p165244_2a_400 p159495_2_400

This hammock is calling my name! It reminds me of a trip to the Bahamas a few years ago. Nate and I sat under the palm trees in a hammock and just enjoyed the quiet breeze. A very fond memory indeed! I think having a hammock like this in my backyard could take me back there!


Finally, a little something for me! I think the women’s fashion from Novica is very unique! I love wearing something so unique that people ask me where I got it. These would definitely fit the bill, and they look comfortable as well!

p185306_2a p187503_2

Please click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter this giveaway (it will take you to Rafflecopter’s page where you can enter the giveaway in just a few easy steps). Currently, Novica only ships to select International countries. Please click here to see if your country is on their list before entering the giveaway. All giveaway participants must be 18 years of age or older.  Now, go check out their website and start shopping. You never know if you might be that lucky winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DIY is not always foolproof and I am proof of that!

23 Aug

Welp, this was Luke’s highchair as of earlier this week.highchair2

This is Luke’s highchair now, boo :(!

highchair fail

Yep that’s right folks, not every DIY project always pans out. The homemade chalk paint I made from baking soda and paint, well that didn’t mix very well with my homemade cleaning solution made from vinegar and water. If you have ever made a homemade volcano, you know that vinegar and baking soda react together and that meant that the highchair started fuzzing as soon as I sprayed it down. Haha, I am laughing at myself right now! The paint started peeling up immediately and Luke’s cutey cute highchair was no more. Welp, looks like this girl is going to be breaking out her electric sander soon.

For those of you how have tried to DIY their own project and had a super-fail moment of their own, you are not alone so don’t give up!

Until next time, Katrina

A Bathroom Rescue: Before and After

21 Aug

Here is what our second upstairs bathroom looked like when we bought our townhouse. It was truly scary! The floors were gross! The vanity cabinet was dark and dreary. It needed some TLC for sure! Image

Here is what it looks like now. Image

First we replaced the flooring with the same dark wood floor we have throughout the entire house. I like houses with flooring that never changes. I think it creates a great flow from room to room and it makes the house feel larger. I painted the walls Oasis Blue by Benjamin Moore and the ceiling in a fun yellow and white stripe (sorry don’t remember the color). I primed the vanity with BIN primer. BIN primer is a shellac base primer that will just about stick to any surface. I have painted a lot of pre-finished furniture and cabinets with this stuff. It works really well and leaves a smooth finish. I used two coats of primer on the cabinets because the primer is very thin by design. I think this allows it to stick better and go on smoother. Oh yeah, and this primer dries very quickly, so it makes the project go pretty fast. I used a sponge roller when painting both the primer coat and the finish coat. I always use sponge rollers when painting furniture and cabinetry. It creates a smooth finish and the rounded edge of the roller makes painting nooks and crannies much easier.

Click these pictures to check out each product from Home Depot.

bin sponge rollerThen I painted the vanity cabinet gloss white. I used a 100% acrylic gloss paint for this. You can use acrylic or oil based paint over the BIN primer. It only took one top coat because the primer had already done most of the work covering the wood finish.

 For a finishing touch on the vanity I replaced the hardware with pulls from an Ikea chest I already had. I had previously replaced the hardware on the Ikea chest with cute knobs I found on clearance at Anthropologie.

The last step of the makeover was to add some fun and colorful decor. I chose a cute Cow picture (also from Ikea), a colorful shower curtain (from Target) and bath mat (also Target) and done. It doesn’t look too shabby now and it is a fresh space that is airy, inviting, and fun for Luke!

A no tools, no building closet makeover

20 Aug

As I have mentioned before being a stay-at-home Mom keeps me very busy, so I tend to find projects that I can accomplish in a nap time. I can use a drill mildly well but that is where my skills stop, so I like to find ways to DIY without lots of power tools. So when I decided to organize Luke’s closet I looked for organization that would be easy and practical for me to accomplish. This is what I came up with.

Here is Luke’s closet before.


Basically is was a bunch of baby clothes crammed on the only shelf available and the rest was wasted space. I decided that hanging baby clothes was a waste of time so I decided to add shelves all the way down to the floor. I couldn’t build shelves and didn’t want to spend the time and money to buy and install wire shelving so I found a different solution.

OK, let me just be real with you for a second, I am not the organized one in my household. I could live with all my clothes crammed in one BIG drawer. I know, how embarrassing! However, my husband Nate likes things broken down into TINY categories and organized in nice little stacks. I thought, “Since he also has to dress Luke, let me try to put on my organizer hat and make it a little easier on him.”


 I found these shoe organizers at a local outlet store for $10.00 each. I thought they would give me lots of little shelves, ya know for little clothes in little stacks. This would help me break the clothes up into tiny categories and make them easy to find. I stacked 2 on top of each other for height and fastened them to the wall with screws to help them stand. I put a third shelf on the floor and left the space above for hanging.


I also found it hard to find socks and both shoes of a matching pair with a baby on my hip, so I came up with a solution for that too.


I used a jewelry organizer that I already had to hang up and organize all Luke’s socks and shoes. I can see them all in their clear pockets and reach them easily from a standing position. I gave myself an A++ for this idea :)!


I used a hanging shelf organizer to hold all the diapers and other baby items. I labeled the organizer on the side with chalkboard tags. Oh yeah, Nate likes labels too! Are you surprised? NAH! I used chalkboard tags so that I can change what I store on the shelves and also change the tags.


So here is the newly organized closet. This entire project took me about an hour and I only used a power drill! Now that is my kind of DIY!

Until next time, Katrina

It’s easy as 1,2,3 (making a tablescape)!

19 Aug

I love quick and simple advise that you can go home and implement right away. So, I thought I would share a simple tip for creating appealing home decor tablescapes. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

I follow a loosely general rule of 1,2,3 when making a tablescape in my home. Three heights, that’s it. When it comes to accessories you’ve got your tall boys, your short and plumps, and your in-betweenies. So mixing the three together gives you a nice little step latter for your eye to follow. Here are some examples.


Here I used tall candlesticks, then short books that step up to an in-betweenie size picture frame.


Here the lamp is the tallest feature, then the rectangular ceramic vase, then the plate with a couple of shorties on it. The tables even follow the same rule. Then is you zoom out…


The entire room actually follows this rule. Notice how your eye starts at the top of the rusty gate on the wall, down to the mirror, then down to the side tables. In my head I am going, “hop, hop, hop” :). This rule creates a gentle little hop, hop, hop for your eye to follow around the room.

Here are some more examples.


Here my arc lamps are the tallest, then the elephant (notice to give him the proper height I set him on some books), then the vases and down to the tile coaster.


Here the flower arrangement is tallest, then down to the stacked silver pedestal bowls, and finally all the way down to the silver trays. (Hop, hop, hop)… Am I annoying you yet ;)?


Here is the same flowers in an old arrangement, again as the tallest. The taller candle gives me an in-betweenie, and finally the picture frame and shorter candle finish the rule. (Hop, hop,,, ok I will stop)


This rule actually applies to room vignettes too. Here the pallet wall art is the tallest, then the stacked sunburst mirrors, then finally the chair.

There is just something about 3’s that create artistic balance. I have many other home decorating tips that also have to do with 3’s but I will share them another time.

Hope you can take this tip and rearrange something in your home today to create the 1,2,3 easy balanced look.

Until next time, Katrina

(click on pictures for link to sources)