Creative storage ideas for spring cleaning

13 Apr


I’ve been spring cleaning and trying to store all my stuff neatly, while still having my room look beautiful. Here are some great storage ideas are that not only store things well, but also make a room pretty. I tried to find storage ideas that didn’t involve spending an arm and a leg. Spring cleaning is about clearing and refreshing, not clearing out your wallet.


I love this idea because armoires can be so expensive. This wire rack would easily be half the price of an armoire and a simple cover made of fabric can hide all the mess.


An office in a closet is a great idea. There is no larger mess in my home than all our piles of papers and bills. How do I keep these things out (so I don’t forget to pay the bills!) but be able to hide them quickly when someone visits? Make my closet an office, put the desk in there, with shelves for storage above, then all I need to do is shut the door and the mess is gone!


These Ikea tables are so affordable and so versatile. Here using the top to hold one thing and baskets for storage underneath is a great double function.



The kitchen is the hardest area, for myself, to store things neatly and orderly. Ikea has great drawer dividers and cute jars that make kitchen storage attractive and functional at the same time.


How many of you have an oddly shaped closet like this, that can’t fit traditional shelves. These racks (again from Ikea) keep these bottles from hiding behind each other and uses this unusually shaped space well.


Ikea is king of storage. This computer station is a great, quick access idea that keeps everything you need in one space.


Ribbons, Threads, Trims…All hard to store. This is a cute idea!


Just cover it up. You don’t have money to go buy a new sideboard, or a sideboard at all. A cheap table with a tablecover to the floor, gives you great storage underneath and can easily be changed for any decor.


I waste a lot of time shaking glue to the top of the bottle. The solution, store the bottles upside down. How? Place magnets on the bottom of the bottles and a magnet board under a shelf.


A flea market find, this bird cage makes disorderly office supplies look cute.


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