My spring trend shopping list!

16 Apr



So, I made a list of all the spring trends I wanted to make sure to pick up this season. I, just like everyone else, am on a tight budget this year, so I am only including things I can actually afford and not things I just dream about. ( I get really sick of watching fashion-news shows on tv talk about their recession picks that cost $599.00 and what a steal, give me a break!) So here it is, my spring trend shopping list. Above is my pick for nail color this season, YELLOW, love it.


 I am in love with these plume headbands, I see them everywhere, and oh so cute!


I am definitely picking up a few pairs of shoes from, just $39.00.


 Product ImageProduct Image

This dress, from Target, is to die for @ $44.99!

I really want to pick up some navy shorts. These from j.crew are a really good buy @ $29.99.



So these sandals above are really expensive at $399.00
These from $29.99, are a great deal!
I love that plaid shirts are back! I think I am going to scope out my local goodwill for a true vintage find!
So that’s it. Tell me what you are going to pick up, maybe I could get some great ideas from you!

One Response to “My spring trend shopping list!”

  1. Michelle April 16, 2009 at 8:52 pm #

    I am in love with it all – including and most especially the $399 sandals…. You just had to show them didn’t you?!? : ) I will probably begin with the plume headband and expand from there.

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