Simply Sweet!

24 Apr


I am simply in love with the macaron. Every time I see a picture of this sweet thing I stop, scroll back up, and admire. So what is it about this sweet little treat that has so many design bloggers swooning like myself. Well, first the simple fact that it is french, I think has something to do with it. Maybe because Kirsten Dunst made them look so darn appealing, while munching on them in her beautiful costumes in the almighty design world that is Versailles, while repricing her role as Marie Antoinette (we all know this has contributed). Simply the beautiful colors of this treat takes me away. I think most designer think like me, in that I see design in almost everything (including food). I look at the lovely color of the macarons and envision a room befitting of them (me sitting in this room, in a beautiful gown, eating them preferrably in Paris!) So enjoy these lovely pics of the macaroon. I am going to try my hand at making some. I will post pics to let you see how they turn out.












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