My Adventure with ShoeDazzle

11 May


So as I reported before, I tryed out ShoeDazzle. The package arrived at my door a couple weeks ago. I have been so busy I am just getting around to posting about it. I was so excited! I opened my package and pulled out a really cute shoe box.


Inside I was pleasantly surprised to find a shoe bag to keep my shoes nice, and a free pashmina for being a first time customer.




 So here are the shoes I choose. The selection the stylist sent me were all lovely. I loved these the most. The heel was a lot higher than I thought they would be, but I am glad to say I can walk in them and they are pretty comfortable for high heels. I am glad to report that I am pleased with ShoeDazzle. I was sent my May selection of shoes on May 2nd, I decided to get a second selection of shoes sent to me this time. I was asked to describe in more detail what I was looking for in my next pair of shoes. I am still deciding on the new selection. The thing I like the most so far, is the fact that I can skip a month if I choose, and this is actually legit.  So I will gladly recommend you try ShoeDazzle for yourself. I think you will like it too.






One Response to “My Adventure with ShoeDazzle”

  1. April August 12, 2009 at 1:28 pm #

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE, shoedazzle I have been a member for 4 months now and have gotten a new pair of shoes each month…


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