Fabulous Dining Rooms

12 May


Thought I would start a series of some of my favorite pics of beautifully designed rooms, starting with the dining room. The dining room is such a debated space, is it a waste or is it necessary. Well I think it depend on how cluttered the rest of your house is. I say, if you need space for an office and don’t have one, make the dining room an office. If you want another room for that huge, ugly tv, make the dining room an entertainment room (slap some french doors on that baby, with some pretty lace curtains, and shut your husband up in it). However, if you have lots of room to spread out, or you are a minimalist and don’t have a lot of junk like I do, use the dining room as just that and make it a beautiful space that hardly ever gets touched and you can go sip a cup of tea in without being disturbed (because your kids won’t look for you in there because no one ever goes in there!)











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    […] also a big fan of the french country inspired dining rooms.  They have a sort of romantic shabby chic vibe to […]

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