2009 MTV Movie Awards Fashion

1 Jun


Whitney Port usually gets it a little better than this. It looks like a bath towel, no?


This dress looks like it is falling off Vanessa!


I thought this dress would have looked great if had been three inches longer.


Sienna Miller looked great. I love the color and the shoes are fabulous!


If Sandra had lost the tights it would have been perfect.


I think Paris is falling over in this picture, or is that just her pose? I like the dress but it looks like every other dress I have seen her in. Something new would be great!


Um, I think Miley wore my moms “mother of the bride” dress.


I had to put two pictures of this disaster. What is with this hair?  It looks like she hasn’t taken a bath in a month and hasn’t had a dye job is a year. Maybe she thinks she is pretty enough to not bathe, but she would be wrong! The dress was alright.




I know the 80’s is slowly making a come back but I didn’t know they were coming back all in one night. Just kidding, I actually like Lo’s dress here. It is one of the few of the night that actually fit.


Leighton was my personal  favorite of the night. It is a throw back to the 80’s as well, but with a great modern, fresh appeal. It is nice to see something new on the carpet.


I really like this, another 80’s hit but I was digging it. Her hair is a little straw like though.


What is with the shoes? Come on, just enjoy your fame while it last and dress up from head to toe!


Hayden always looks cute!


Um, what can I say. I just hope she took that jacket off right after this shot. Proportions are all wrong, and the shoes look like something I took to the goodwill 5 years ago.


I liked this dress, but I would like to see Audrina rock something new. She wears this look a lot.


Ashley dress was great, but the hair is a little off. I know what she was going for, but didn’t quite make it. Just let me say though (before I get 100 hate comments about me dissing the girls from Twilight) I love Twilight. I am a huge fan, and I love all these actress.


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