What’s Wrong With Being Fancy?

3 Jun

There is one question I have asked myself over and over again since I became an interior designer. “What is wrong with being fancy?” I have clients, time and time again, return items that “didn’t work because it was too fancy”. This is very frustrating to me because I know how great it would look if they would only live with it for awhile. But somehow, somewhere along the way, the mass public has been convinced that 1:You have to be super rich to be fancy 2:You have to be stuck up to be fancy 3:You have to be fancy to be fancy (you have to be fancy all over to own fancy things) and 4:Everything has to be fancy to be fancy (your home has to be a historic Victorian with lace and gilded gold everything to buy fancy things for your home). Well I will stop my rant here and simply say that none of these fallacies are true, and now I am simply going to post wonder pictures of “fancy” things in “unfancy” places. Hope, for all you designers out there, you can sympathize, and for the mass public you can pick up some great design ideas for mixing it up and being a little fancy. Enjoy!


I love the mix of this modern coffee table with a shabby chic sofa, and a lovely french armoire in the back for cupboard space!


Again, a modern chair with fancy mirror in a beach house.


Cute slip-covered chair, in a farmhouse bathroom!


Full Length curtain panels and a great french chandelier in a small country kitchen


Beautiful pleated, slip-covered sofa with great throw pillows in a greenhouse style porch


Obviously you aren’t going to put your chair there, but you get my point.


Antigue rug in a beach bungalow getaway


Iron Scroll bed in a small actic bedroom


French Aubusson pillows on a country bench


French dining chairs in a “Rustic Villa”


Beautiful, that’s all I can say!!

tablescapethursday 047_thumb[3]

Look at those beautiful flowers in that shiny silver vase, and that great china on a rustic outdoor table with classic wicker seats.


A Tuscan Villa kitchen with marble top island and antique crystal chandelier

antiques 5

So basically my advice is 1: Mix it up! I truly think that 95% of us have (or should have) an eclectic design style, so go with that! If we all buy “Plain Jane” ,”design neutral”,”non-fancy” things you know what we would have “Plain-Jane x 3”! Let your creativity go, just because you have a farmhouse, doesn’t mean you have to decorate with “mo-cows” everywhere. Just because you have a modern, minimal home doesn’t mean you can’t have a frilly bit of fun in the corner. It makes things interesting. Ok, Ok, I am done…

P.S. This can goes both ways. If you are a “Miss Fancy Pants” please don’t Gold Leaf your entire residence. Haha!


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