“Interiors by Moyanne” Lynchburg, Va.

13 Jun


Interiors by Moyanne, in Lynchburg, Va. has been one of my absolute favorite shops since my first year of college. I was an Interior Design major, so of course I scoped out the local digs (not expecting to find much in such a small city). I stumbled upon this gem, and have been hooked ever since. If you are lucky enough to live in Lynchburg, or the surrounding areas (Richmond, Charlottesville, etc…) or are passing through Lynchburg on your way to summer “vacay”, you really need  to look this place up and stop in. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Last year, the shop moved to a historic house in Historic Downtown Lynchburg, which features some of the most amazing historic homes I have ever seen. The 3 story historic house exhibits original floor to ceiling windows, beautiful original moldings, three fireplaces, and a sun-filled “porch room” in the back. Moyanne designed the shop to keep with its historical character, but at the same time the shop couldn’t feel more up to date. Owner Moyanne Harding is an incredible talent, and has amazing taste. She has a flare for European design, and the entire shop feels like you just stepped into a lovely home in France.


The shop is filled with so many treasures and antiques, including many things Moyanne picks up in France, herself. You can find anything from a small gift or luxurious bar-soap, to furniture, window treatments, flooring, and lighting for your entire home. This shot, from inside the shop, features French antique craved panel doors. Aren’t they extraordinary!


I love the antique rugs, you can find all over the store. This one here is amazing. I love the way the light fills the room through those huge historic windows.


Moyanne’s carries some of the most beautiful and luxurious bed linens. The “Pom Pom linens” line is my favorite, featured here on the bed along with some custom pillows and bed skirt. The bedroom is always filled with the smell of fresh lavender, due to the small antique-linen lavender sachet pillows adorning the bed and shelves. Again, this room is flooded with light from huge windows and has a very Parisian boudoir feel. In the bedroom you can also pick up a lovely Kimono, which are from Paris. Are you starting to see why I love this place?


This is my favorite room in the entire house. The ‘porch room” as they call it, is so bright, light, and relaxing. This is pure southern charm. You can look through these windows onto a picket fence covered with jasmine and other lovely plants and flowers. In spring you smell the jasmine as you walk out the back door. The back door is actually the front door to a lot of ‘regulars’ here (such  a lovely southern thing). I love all the white slipcovered furniture. The original wood floor is painted white, as if on an open porch. This room features all the luxurious bath products including “Santa Maria Novella,” a wonderful line of bath products from Florence Italy, as well as “Antica Farmista” home fragrance diffusers, my favorite! 


Here is one of the fireplace mantels, from one of the three fireplaces in the home. I really love the orchids Moyanne placed here, very grand!






I seem to love every piece of furniture Moyanne handpicks for the store. Especially this last one, the ruffles are so precious!




The “porch room” is also filled with little gifts, like these albums here, that are so adorable. (A perfect gift). My fav is the pink flowered one, of course.






These are just some of my favorites from the “Pom Pom linens” line. Can I say, “baby shower gift”!!


Finally, this is my favorite candle! Also from “Pom Pom linens”, it smells like the jasmine you smell in the backyard at the shop. I hope you get a chance to see this place, and meet all the wondeful people who work there. They are truly wonderful, and welcoming, as if they were welcoming you to their home. They even serve little treats and feature coffee service, from time to time. This is a true southern gem, and I am yet to find a rival to it.



2 Responses to ““Interiors by Moyanne” Lynchburg, Va.”

  1. mh June 13, 2009 at 4:37 am #

    I saw this on Stumbleupon…and did a double-take because I was born and raised in Lynchburg. Though I live in Charlotte now, this store is quite the charming place…

  2. Merri Cvetan, The Design Coach June 16, 2009 at 12:09 am #

    What a lovely store. I love it when owners really appreciate the history of the building. The painted shutters in the first photo are fabulous.


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