It’s SO all about Art Nouveau!

18 Jul


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I remember sitting in Design History class and learning about Art Deco design. It was pretty cool. Then came the “Art Nouveau” lessons, and I fell in love! I am so an “Art Nouveau” girl. I remember loving the set of the 1995 movie Casper, before I even knew that the house was a quintessential “Art Nouveau” design. I love that the style is beloved once again by fashion and design trend setters everywhere. The style is all about following the lines of nature, having few straight lines, and being feminine.


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Brocade Home is a great example of how the “Art Nouveau” style is being reinterpreted today.


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via Coco Kelley

The “Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2009 line” is fabulous, and very “Art Nouveau”. The shapes and details are all about nature, flowers, and femininity. I am so glad my favorite design style is back in style, and I hope it stays around awhile.


One Response to “It’s SO all about Art Nouveau!”

  1. Gian phoi July 11, 2010 at 8:13 am #

    Oh, a good information I have read. I like art deco. I will buy some for my house.

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