Who’s inspired me lately?

21 Jul


This is such an easy post for me, because the pictures speak for themselves. I was so inspired by Phoebe Howard’s work; Sunday I made an extremely long list of projects to work on myself. So, if you are feeling a little uninspired and unmotivated, study these pics and the amazing work Phoebe has posted on her blog, Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper.


This wall color is tres’ fantastic. The white sofa looks so soft, you could dive in it. I wanna dive in it!


I love long pillows!! I have said that before, and this is a great example of why. Isn’t it lovely? The vibrant green accents around the room give this fabulous neutral palette just enough life.


This is a great way to arrange furniture, if you are privileged enough to have a room too big for one seating arrangement. This room would feel cold and empty if only one seating arrangement was used. Ahh, Phoebe knows what she is doing!!


I love the color palette here. The green is vibrant enough to fill the room, but soft enough to allow you to relax. Looks like you could open the french doors, kick back, and enjoy the cool breezes.


I love the pagoda style chairs and chandelier! I also love that she mixed them with the rustic wood lamp on the sideboard, and seashells in the bookcases. No theme room here!

pictures via phoebehoward.net

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