My new love

26 Oct


I have recently found a new love. The name, “DemiJohn”. No it’s not a new man (my husband will be glad to know). It is a beautiful vintage glass jug, seen all over the magazines today. You can’t open a magazine or even a design blog and not see “demijohns” in beautiful rooms that vary from traditional, beachy, rustic, and modern. So the definition of this unusual name, a large bottle with a narrow neck used for the fermentation of liquids. So now you know. Enjoy!






One Response to “My new love”

  1. Sarah Klassen/Haute Design October 28, 2009 at 6:51 am #

    Vintage glass is gorgeous!

    You won’t believe, but a couple of weeks ago, I had the very best luck — I was grabbing a snack, and noticed people bringing in some new items into the thrift shop a few doors down I stopped in, and found a massive, nautical vintage glass bottle, wrapped in rope…for $10. I kid you not! Of course, I bought it. I just had to!

    Thanks for the info. on the official name 🙂 Also, you have just given me a great idea for what to do with it…and, did I mention how gorgeous that kitchen is? Bookmarking this one for certain. The openness and funky-chic look kill me.

    Another fabulous post /

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