2010 Golden Globes Fashion Review

19 Jan

Ok, so I have to throw in a little fashion review every once in awhile. So here is my 2010 Golden Globes Fashion review. There wasn’t a lot of exciting fashion this year. Nothing really stood out. However it was a great year for classic style, which I like. Penelope looks pretty but not fabulous. Her hair needed a root touch up for sure! I have seen this look before and this year it just isn’t original.

Again Fergie, I wanted to see something new and this Grecian look has been done too much. Been there done that.

I like the modern angles on Jennifer’s dress. I looks like it is falling off here, but still, it is a classic yet original look.

I am in love with this dress and Sofia’s new show “Modern Family”. The color of the year, gray, mixed with a touch of rich red is such an original palette! I love it.

I really disliked this look on Kate. Again this look has been over done the past few years, and the proportions on this dress look terrible on her. She is so petite and cute and the dress swallows her.

Modern lines and a great color, this dress is perfect on Maggie. She looks fabulous!

Ooyy, Tina I love ya but this is a big miss.

This dress was really great. The champagne color is right on cue with the trends and up close you see the detail of the cluster on her shoulder. It glistens and sparkles, giving just enough interest.


I like the dress, but this the hair poofed up it looks kinda granny like.

This color looks fabulous on Sandra. I don’t think purple is going to be the new “it” color of the season like everyone is saying, but it looks great on her.

My favorite show and my favorite dress of the night. I am so glad “Glee” won and Lea looks amazing in this dress. I feel a “Fashion Icon Post” coming on.

One of the best dresses of the night on Jennifer Morrison. I love the color and the softness of all the ruffles drape perfectly.

I love Evangeline Lily and think she doesn’t get enough attention for her fashion sense. I love the modern, yet classic combination here. Sleek and simple chic.

Finally, Ashley Greene looked amazing. She has been strutting out in some great fashion recently and is my vote for the next big fashion icon on the scene.

Well there it is, for what it is worth, my Golden Globes fashion review.

images via StarPulse (click here for more Golden Globes Fashion)


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