Thinking outside the “Light” Box

28 Feb

I think one of the things that defines this generation’s design style is “thinking outside the box”. We don’t play by the rules and are not satisfied with the idea that a wallpaper or light fixture or wall color is “bedroomy” or “kitchen or bath”. We use what we want where we want it. We make closets into offices ( a trend I have seen many times in the past few years in the blogosphere). We use bedrooms as closets (such a great idea if you have a spare). One thing I really love is using lighting in unusual, creative ways. Above, the designer used 2 rows of pendants instead of the usual one to create depth and interest in the space.

This industrial inspired light hangs sparingly around the kitchen. No flush-mounts and “kitchy” chandelier over the table.

Sconces on the side of the bathroom mirror instead of a bath-strip over the mirror is actually the most faltering way to light your face. You’ll look ten years younger and have fabulous style to boot.

Swing arm wall lamps are not new, but using them as a picture light instead, GENIUS.

Instead of hanging a chandelier front and center in this room, this home owner used 2 lanterns above the seating areas instead. This is a great way to spread more light around the room instead of concentrating all the light in one place.

Turn a bath-strip sideways and you have a long and lean sconce to put on either side of the mirror for great lighting and an interesting look.

We’ve all seen arc lamps over chairs or cascading over the lovely sectional sofa, but here they stretch over the bed as a modern reading light. Love it!

images via Desire to Inspire, Cote de Texas, Pink Wallpaper, Beautiful Things to Share, Re:Fresh Design (click on pics above to link to these great blogs!)


One Response to “Thinking outside the “Light” Box”

  1. Things That Inspire February 28, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    I love the idea of sconces on either side of a mirror (in a bathroom) – now that I am closing in on 40, I appreciate good lighting more than ever!

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