5 Jun

The look is called “Steampunk” and I am so excited to know that there is a “name” for my favorite decor style. For years I have tried to describe my style as an eclectic mix of traditional and modern, trying to spell out exactly what that meant. Now I can simply describe it as “steampunk” and I can’t believe such a fun and simple word says it all.

An interesting and out of the box combination of Victorian influence during the industrial revolution.

The look is sometimes thought of as “goth” but that doesn’t quite fit in my opinion.

Remember my post about how I have liked the “Art Nouveau” era before I even knew what “Art Nouveau” was. I mentioned how the 1990’s movie “Casper” inspired my decorative senses because of the incredible set. Well, that movie as well as “Wild,Wild West” is a great representation of “steampunk” style. Two new movies I can add to my “movie inspiration” list. Kinda weird to find inspiration in these movies, I know. Watch them again for yourself though, and you will see.

First described as “industrial”, “steampunk” is so much more involved than that. It is “industrial” with a feminine twist.

Reclaiming old “junk” and making it beautifully new for you.

One of my favorite parts of “steampunk” decor is the lighting. These lights are all available at one of my favorite lighting websites

images via ShadesofLight and Steampunkhome


One Response to “Steampunk”

  1. Jess February 11, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

    Great decor images of steam punk! You might like to take a peak at the origins of the term steampunk. It’s not just industrial/Victorian, its really more of a sub culture of sci fi, movies, and books that tell an alternate history set in the steam-powered industrical 19th century, but with new technologies (think time machines, scientific inventions, futuristic mixed with Victorian England). Movies, fashion, sci fi books etc are all part of the steampunk genre that inspires the decor look you love. A blend of old and new, the future with the 19th century, in a slighty dark way 🙂
    For more details on the origins of steampunk:

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