Eat, Pray, Love review.

4 Sep

Well there was definitely some great scenery and locations. Also some not so great ones. Note, I am never going to India! I can say it was an interesting look into the mind of a person trying to find themselves. I can’t say I felt she ever really did soooo…… I give it an (shrug shoulders) EEHH…


One Response to “Eat, Pray, Love review.”

  1. adriana September 26, 2010 at 1:06 am #

    i love this web site!

    i waiting to see this movie…i bought the book in 2008, and read en april 2009…so excited, and so full of good expectations..but…….no…it´s so stupid, and is sad, beacuse is a movie script! everything (even the time in the ashram is perfect)…

    i´m going to see the movie, in november, and enjoy the laugh of Julia Roberts, that all…

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