My Christmas Decor 2010!

14 Dec

Finally, my camera is working and I can post my Christmas decorations. There have been some little changes from last year, but I think they have made a big difference! First change, I have added burlap ribbon to my “woodland” tree. It really makes the silver and white ornaments stand out. A cheap and easy way to fill up the tree too!

Next change, I added soft pillows of fake snow throughout the tree to really make it full and “winter wonderland” like.

I was so excited to decorate this year because I now have a banister! I hung “wood shaving wreaths” along the banister in addition to garland, more burlap ribbon, and silver ornaments.

The full picture, a wonderfully traditional “winter woodland” theme. Oh yeah, I also wrapped my gifts in brown paper with white ribbon. No way red and green snowman paper was going under this tree!

Then on to the table, I used different size glass vases, my favorite aqua candles, a silver tray, and some fake snow. It was fast and easy.

I went to my favorite antique store and picked up a few silver bowls and vintage ornaments. This really adds some “time-loved” appeal to my decor. I love this shot!

Then my favorite, my pink and white Christmas tree. The greatest addition, the white spirally balls (see above) that sparkle pink and white in the tree and add a ton of whimsy fun.

My favorite ornament, one my Mom made from vintage doilies.

and you can’t forget Paris!

To top it off, another “white spirally ball” (don’t know what to call them really but they are cute!).

Another bowl of ornaments.

Finally, the big picture. A wonderfully “girly” tree below a map of Paris and beside a clean white linen chair. Truly a lovely setting. Don’t miss the white ceramic urn that finishes off the tree.


2 Responses to “My Christmas Decor 2010!”

  1. Design Elements December 16, 2010 at 3:29 pm #


  2. emmabriggs619 November 30, 2012 at 12:50 am #

    Love the idea! I will try this Christmas decor 2010 for this 2012 …thanks for sharing

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