6 Apr

The Kitchen Reno has begun…



We are moving the Fridge to this wall and opening up the other side to fit banquette seating around a pedestal table. This will create a cozy eat-in kitchen from a kitchen with just a little bit of wasted space from poor space planning. We will be adding Ikea shelving around the banquette nook to replace some lost storage.

Here is just a glimpse of my paint colors. I wanted to take a picture of all the colors together so you can see the flow of color and the fun combo. No lighting in the bedrooms yet so ignore the spotlights.

The Tiffany Blue Hallway

Bedroom #1 Taupy Grey

Bedroom #2: Apricot

My Inspiration

Finally My new best friend…

Shurline painting tool. This puppy cuts your painting time in half. I still tape ceilings and trim, however this painting pad hooks on the end of your pole and allows you to trim out your ceiling without stepping foot on a ladder and all it takes is one long swipe. Run this pad down the corners of your room to paint the corners, and finally no more bending over to trim out around the floor. Just had to share this with you in case you have some painting projects coming up.

Till next time.


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