Tutorial Tuesday/ Painted Wallpaper

6 Jul

After my recent experience with hanging wallpaper in a tiny bathroom I am singing a different tune about painting faux wallpaper.

I commented on another blogs post about how much I love wallpaper and I do! However, after reading this tutorial and after messing up wallpaper in almost every way possible in my guest bathroom, I wanna try my hand at painting wallpaper in my next bath. There is nothing else that gives a bathroom spark like patterned walls and this tutorial may save you some money and heartache.

This tutorial via Jones Design Company is thorough as all her many tutorials are.

I want to recreate this wallpaper by Schumacher in my master bath.

Not all these patterns of course, the dotted stripe called the Gabrielle stripe is simple, clean and I think will be easy to recreate. This will save me a ton of money, probably about $500, and will give my bathroom a designer look.

I am not an advocate for all DIY projects. I think some things should be left to the Pros to give a professional look but I think I can make little dots on the wall. I am thinking to keep them uniform I will use the eraser of a pencil dipped in paint to make the dots. Stayed tuned to see how my DIY wallpaper project turns out and how I remedied my wallpaper goofs in my guest bath.


One Response to “Tutorial Tuesday/ Painted Wallpaper”

  1. April, Everyday Forgotten July 8, 2011 at 8:50 am #

    Wow that looks amazing! I’d never have thought of this before, but such a great idea! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

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