Inspiration to Get the Job Done!

7 Sep

I was in much need of some inspiration to break the paint brush out again and start painting my kitchen cabinets. It seems once the paint supplies are packed away they really want to stay that way, or maybe I really want them to stay that way.

As you can see below my basic builder cabinets in warm honey oak aren’t really cutting it mixed in with my cool color palette of gray and white.

I have finally found my inspiration though from a newly found blog called Me and Jilly.

 Here is Mia’s kitchen before. Looks somewhat like mine with basic builder cabinets and linoleum countertops.

Now here is Mia’s kitchen after…

Wow what a transformation and so inspiring!

Mia added molding to her plain cabinet fronts, added glass panels to some of the upper cabinet doors, and did some finishing touches with a brick veneer backsplash and unique concrete countertop.

I am thinking, if her kitchen can look this good with some sweat and tears, mine can too! Now that I have the inspiration I just have to find the time. If I ever get the two together I’ll be unstoppable! Ya feelin me?!?


One Response to “Inspiration to Get the Job Done!”

  1. Roberta September 22, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Wow – that does not even seem like the same kitchen! Love the use of the brick veneer for the backsplash

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