The Living Room

14 Sep

Not surprisingly, the living room is one of the first rooms nearing completion in my home. I love designing living rooms! To me it is the room that really dictates the feel of the home and makes the biggest statement. While some may say the kitchen is the heart of the home, I say the living room is the main stage, setting the pace for the rest of the home to play off of. So here are some more pics of my living room in progression.

As you can see, if have already changed some things around. I replaced the cherry blossom sprays that were on top of the side tables with my lovely new lamps.

The new lamps are in beautiful polished nickel and clamp to the back of the side tables. They swing in or out and direct the light just where I need it. They also have two light settings for mood lighting or high reading light! I really love the masculine/industrial feel they add to the space.

As you can see above I also added some pretty “street scene” prints simply leaning against the arm of the lamps.

Here’s a look from the other side of the sofa.

Here are two wider angles to give some perspective of the entire room. I saved the chaise from our previous sectional sofa (it was the best part of the sofa!!) I plan on slipcovering it but am still deciding on fabric. Behind the chaise you can see my DIY art. It is simply an old frame I have had for years with some discount fabric I picked up stapled to the back. It took me awhile to find something to fill the “hole” behind the chaise but my patience paid off! I didn’t have to spend much money and got the big impact I wanted. Sometimes I just pays to wait. I am also on the hunt for a tufted ottoman for the center of the room. Again I am waiting for the right deal at the right time!

Here is my favorite part of the room, the white chairs in front of my huge window! The area of the living room really makes the space feel crisp and fresh while also being inviting! Haha, don’t you just love my shabby rug! Some people (like my husband, who is more of a clean and simple kinda guy but I love him for letting me have my way with the decor) don’t really “get it” but I do! I love the worn shabby look to death!! I have also temporarily thrown a salvage architectural find behind the chairs against the wall for now till I find it a home. I fell in love with this piece of old cornice from a porch and had to have it! I am thinking I will use it for a “crown canopy” above my bed soon but for now it rest happily in my living room adding character to the space!

Here is where my cherry blossom sprays landed. They flank the fireplace now. You thought I had gotten rid of them huh?!? Nope just a quick move to a new home freshened the space up! I am constantly tweaking and revising.

Here is my fireplace and “butterfly art” as you have seen before but now I have added the cherry blossom sprays and the vintage suit case table beside. I picked this old suitcase up at a local antique shop for $12. I simply put it on table I already had.

Now I know what you are wondering, “where is the TV?” Why it is where are the furniture is facing of course!

Do I want it to be the center of attention? Not really. Is it ok for now? Yeah because I get to watch Big Brother from the comfort of my chaise! Again I am waiting patiently for the right housing for this monster.

So to refresh, here is the living room before.

and after…

Before below, yuck! As you can see from the chandelier hanging, this room was meant to be a living room/dining room combo. What could have been a large room is cut into two too-small spaces that are not really functional. So I pulled up my handy-dandy Ikea planner and reconfigured the kitchen to fit a dining nook and turned a poorly designed floor plan into a beautiful space. 


Much more to come, so stay tuned to see kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom makeovers.

Until next time!


One Response to “The Living Room”

  1. Lolly February 25, 2013 at 1:19 am #

    Gorgeous. The rug with those walls! Perfect

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