Cute yet Sophisticated Halloween Decor

18 Oct

Here are a few cute and easy ideas for quick decorating for Halloween that is cute yet sophisticated (as sophisticated as Halloween decor can get anyway).

These river rocks painted with black chalkboard paint can be changed from season to season to give any message you want. Here in white chalk are spooky themed words. Such a quick and simple idea via Pinterest.

Frame a doily in a cross-stitch ring and place a fake spider on it for a cute and shabby chic version of a spider web.

via Betzwhite

Fill vases and jars you already have with fake spiders, snakes, etc. I’m not really down with the skulls but that’s just me. You can fill jars with anything you like and change them for each holiday. I think it would be fun to fill one with dirt and a fake zombie hand emerging from the dirt. The ideas are endless.

via Pottery Barn

Print out some spooky pictures and wrap your glass candle holders. Again, this couldn’t be quicker and more simple while not being gross and overdone.

via TheCraftedSparrow

Another quick print out can give you this simply chic Halloween decor in a jiffy. You could even whip this project out in minutes before your Halloween party that you meant to plan for but just didn’t because you were busy and ran out of time.

via SouthernMomentum

If nothing else than a can of spray paint and a some hand painted art or stencils if you don’t have an artistic hand can turn ordinary pumpkins into fab. Paint a festive motif for pumpkins that are fall decor rather than Halloween specific.

via SouthernMomentum

Here is an added bonus via Pinterest of some creative Halloween party foods.

A Halloween cupcake:

Spider web cookies

Frankenstein Marshmallows

That is just a small glimpse of all the fun ideas that are waiting for you to discover on Pinterest. If you haven’t checked it out yet click on the link to go immediately before you waste another second wondering what you are going to make for dinner tonight, what you are going to wear tomorrow, how you make a cheap and creative costume for your kids, and tons of other things you haven’t even thought of yet.


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