Pinterest Lovin’ and Hatin’

2 Aug

So if you are a blog reader you are probably also a Pinterest user. I love Pinterest for a lot of reasons, but I also hate on it sometimes. Why? Because some of the DIY projects that I see are crazy cool but also seem CRAZY hard and involved. So, what to do? What I don’t do is throw the baby out with the bath water. Like I said, I LOVE Pinterest. So I made a board called “Projects I can do,” with an emphasis on the word “I.”

I can do some pretty crafty things, but if it involves lots of power tools, making straight lines (nope can’t do that even with a level), or anything that will take me all week, welp I simply can’t do those projects. I am a busy mom of a high energy boy, married to a busy father and pastor (one guy, two+ titles, just to clarify haha). I often find myself saying, as I troll Pinterest, “We ain’t got time for that!”

So I am posting a link here to my “Projects I can do” board for those of you who are in my boat.

Here are some of the projects I have pinned on this board.


I think making some initials for our hallway gallery from these printable letters could be so cute and a nice graphic addition to the space. I could make them another color in Photoshop if I so desired, and what a super easy project. Hit up Hobby Lobby for a nice frame with my 40% coupon in hand and I have CHEAP and easy project complete.


My husband dumpster dove for me and came home with a cool old window. So I think I will do this project soon too.


I need to make a cushion for my built in banquet. I was thinking of trying something like this so I don’t have to pull out my sewing machine. I will post to let you know if it actually worked.


I want to do this project as a baby shower/birthday party decoration that I can use over and over. (I have a lot of friends who are prego right now!) It is a banner (saw one at Hobby Lobby recently) painted with chalkboard paint. I can use it over and over!


I have to try this with a family photo soon (modge podge on wooden plank)! I even have some scrap wood in the garage that would be perfect.


I love ombre and I have a white shirt that now has a lovely stain due to my son Luke. So to fix it, I thought I would try this project on it.


I want to do this for Luke’s playroom/ home school room eventually. The crates are super cheap at Michael’s. I can get casters at Home Depot or Lowe’s and I can use some of my mounds of scrap fabric I have been saving. Luke will be able to use these to store toys and school stuff, while also sitting at his table to work.


I am eyeing that lovely crochet pouf there. I think I might try to find a beanbag at a yard sale, then crochet a cover for it. I also LOVE that pallet coffee table. I have been thinking about doing that for awhile. I love this one even more because of the glass top. It gives it a finished look!


This is just brillant. It is a solar light for an outdoor chandelier. Pick up an old crusty chandelier are a salvage yard and stick the solar lights in and BAM, an outdoor chandelier.


I want to do this to Luke’s wooden highchair. Make it unique and cover up some of the scratches.

Welp, I will try to get some of these projects done soon and post about them. If you want to see even more EASY PEAZY projects just follow me on Pinterest as I find and pin them.

Until next time, Katrina


3 Responses to “Pinterest Lovin’ and Hatin’”

  1. starzyia August 3, 2013 at 3:59 am #

    yay! you’re totally right about wanting to see achievable diy. Some so called diy pins do not even come with actual instructions or a link to actual instructions. I call them the “look at me and envy me” pins, what we want is “look at what you can do” pins. I will check out your board for sure.

    • designfabulous August 3, 2013 at 6:33 pm #

      I agree! I get pretty frustrated when I pin something and when I go back to it later it doesn’t link to anywhere! Boo!

  2. HomeforNow August 3, 2013 at 5:30 pm #

    All these projects are totally doable! I love them all.

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