Board and Batten Research

9 Aug

I’ve got a lot going on today; a little shopping, babysitting, cleaning, having friends for dinner…. and finally researching how to install board and batten. So I thought I would post the tutorials I am reading over. 


The first tutorial is from Remodelaholic, where they share how to properly space the boards.



The next tutorial is from Young House Love. It is a very through tutorial for simple board and batten.



The next tutorial is from Saw Dust Girl, where she describes how to deal with outlets during the process.



The Turquoise Home links to a bunch of helpful board and batten tutorials here.



Another nice tutorial from Suburban Spunk, where they clued me in that I could get the boards cut at Home Depot at no extra charge! Wow, did not know that.

Welp, I’ve got a lot of reading to do to get my entry makeover started. If you are researching board and batten too, I hope this post helps. If you have installed board and batten and have any tips, please drop in and comment.

Until next time, Katrina



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