DIY Chalkboard Pendant Banner

16 Aug

I ran across this chalkboard pendant banner on Pinterest and thought it was a genius idea.


A pendant banner for every occasion! Simply decorate the pendants with chalk to match your party theme and “BAM” custom pendant banner.

With Luke’s first birthday coming up, I wanted to try to make my own DIY version. I hit my local party supply store and picked up a cheap pendant banner. The style didn’t matter because I was going to paint it. I picked up this simple blue pendant banner for $4.99.


 First, I cut off all the blue fringe and started painting with some leftover chalkboard paint I had in the garage.

Here is what it looked like after the first coat.


It was a little streaky, but I knew the next coat would fix that. I also remembered to peel the pendants up off of the plastic drop cloth after each coat, in order that they would not stick later.

Oh yeah, and I saved all the “blue fringe” I cut off earlier for DIY confetti for the party.


I then covered up the blue ribbon that attached all of the triangle pendants with black and white decorative washi tape. I did this on the front and back to cover all sides and to cover the sticky back of the washi tape.

Here is my final product.


I wrote “The Big 1” on the pendants in white chalk. This banner would be perfect to hang across the front of a high chair for a babies first birthday or across the front of a buffet table at any party. I think I will hang this in the background of Luke’s first birthday photos to remember the occasion.

I think I could paint my whole house with chalkboard paint :)! Ok, maybe not the whole house but I do have a few more projects in mind for the rest of my quart.

Until next time, Katrina


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