It’s easy as 1,2,3 (making a tablescape)!

19 Aug

I love quick and simple advise that you can go home and implement right away. So, I thought I would share a simple tip for creating appealing home decor tablescapes. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

I follow a loosely general rule of 1,2,3 when making a tablescape in my home. Three heights, that’s it. When it comes to accessories you’ve got your tall boys, your short and plumps, and your in-betweenies. So mixing the three together gives you a nice little step latter for your eye to follow. Here are some examples.


Here I used tall candlesticks, then short books that step up to an in-betweenie size picture frame.


Here the lamp is the tallest feature, then the rectangular ceramic vase, then the plate with a couple of shorties on it. The tables even follow the same rule. Then is you zoom out…


The entire room actually follows this rule. Notice how your eye starts at the top of the rusty gate on the wall, down to the mirror, then down to the side tables. In my head I am going, “hop, hop, hop” :). This rule creates a gentle little hop, hop, hop for your eye to follow around the room.

Here are some more examples.


Here my arc lamps are the tallest, then the elephant (notice to give him the proper height I set him on some books), then the vases and down to the tile coaster.


Here the flower arrangement is tallest, then down to the stacked silver pedestal bowls, and finally all the way down to the silver trays. (Hop, hop, hop)… Am I annoying you yet ;)?


Here is the same flowers in an old arrangement, again as the tallest. The taller candle gives me an in-betweenie, and finally the picture frame and shorter candle finish the rule. (Hop, hop,,, ok I will stop)


This rule actually applies to room vignettes too. Here the pallet wall art is the tallest, then the stacked sunburst mirrors, then finally the chair.

There is just something about 3’s that create artistic balance. I have many other home decorating tips that also have to do with 3’s but I will share them another time.

Hope you can take this tip and rearrange something in your home today to create the 1,2,3 easy balanced look.

Until next time, Katrina

(click on pictures for link to sources)

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