A no tools, no building closet makeover

20 Aug

As I have mentioned before being a stay-at-home Mom keeps me very busy, so I tend to find projects that I can accomplish in a nap time. I can use a drill mildly well but that is where my skills stop, so I like to find ways to DIY without lots of power tools. So when I decided to organize Luke’s closet I looked for organization that would be easy and practical for me to accomplish. This is what I came up with.

Here is Luke’s closet before.


Basically is was a bunch of baby clothes crammed on the only shelf available and the rest was wasted space. I decided that hanging baby clothes was a waste of time so I decided to add shelves all the way down to the floor. I couldn’t build shelves and didn’t want to spend the time and money to buy and install wire shelving so I found a different solution.

OK, let me just be real with you for a second, I am not the organized one in my household. I could live with all my clothes crammed in one BIG drawer. I know, how embarrassing! However, my husband Nate likes things broken down into TINY categories and organized in nice little stacks. I thought, “Since he also has to dress Luke, let me try to put on my organizer hat and make it a little easier on him.”


 I found these shoe organizers at a local outlet store for $10.00 each. I thought they would give me lots of little shelves, ya know for little clothes in little stacks. This would help me break the clothes up into tiny categories and make them easy to find. I stacked 2 on top of each other for height and fastened them to the wall with screws to help them stand. I put a third shelf on the floor and left the space above for hanging.


I also found it hard to find socks and both shoes of a matching pair with a baby on my hip, so I came up with a solution for that too.


I used a jewelry organizer that I already had to hang up and organize all Luke’s socks and shoes. I can see them all in their clear pockets and reach them easily from a standing position. I gave myself an A++ for this idea :)!


I used a hanging shelf organizer to hold all the diapers and other baby items. I labeled the organizer on the side with chalkboard tags. Oh yeah, Nate likes labels too! Are you surprised? NAH! I used chalkboard tags so that I can change what I store on the shelves and also change the tags.


So here is the newly organized closet. This entire project took me about an hour and I only used a power drill! Now that is my kind of DIY!

Until next time, Katrina


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