Birthday Bash! Boy’s First Birthday

3 Sep

Sorry for the extended absence. We took a much needed vacation to the Outer Banks. It was so much fun, but now it is back to the daily routine. Hope you guys have entered my giveaway below. If you haven’t, don’t miss out. It is a good one!

Anyways, I have been super busy with managing the day to day stuff and also a teething and grumpy baby so I will be doing a quick post. I have been trying to plan a low key but still cute birthday party for Luke. He is turning 1 TOMORROW!! I can’t believe it. So I thought I would share some of my Pinterest baby boy birthday finds with you today. If you are planning a boy birthday party, you might enjoy this.


What a cute and easy cake idea. Remember I am always like to keep it real when it comes to “Pinteresting”. “Come on Katie, you know you cannot make a pirate ship birthday cake!” So I found this cake both cute and realistic. I can make a plain chocolate cake from a box and dust it with cocoa. I can break up Reeses. I have a toy truck. DONE!


I thought this would be fun for pictures on the day of. I will already have balloons and I have already made a Birthday Banner (here for that DIY project). The other thing that makes this a great idea. Luke loves to stand up in his crib. It should make for an easy shot of him standing still.


Here are more truck ideas. A super easy way to make the party table look cute. You could use trucks that you already have or give new trucks as the birthday gifts.

luke 1st bday 2 copy

Here is our DIY birthday photoshoot that I just finished yesterday. I took chevron wrapping paper and taped it to the wall. Then I taped up the birthday banner, gave the boy a baseball, and started snapping with my iPhone. It took about 200 shots but we got a few good ones. Here are a few tips I use to take better pictures with my iPhone.


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