Tasteful Tikes, an Etsy Shop for tasteful kids clothing

21 Sep

A few weeks ago I started a new Etsy shop called Tasteful Tikes. The idea behind the shop is to offer vintage upcycled baby and toddler clothing that is SO adorable, tasteful and affordable. The dresses are cut to fit babies and toddlers and not “pre-tweens” (what I call the overly skimpy and tasteless designs for toddler clothing that you find in stores now). They are classically designed and are practical and comfortable on top of being full of vintage details you cannot find today. I have already sold several pieces for things like 1st birthday’s, family photo sessions, weddings, etc… I am so excited to introduce my shop to my blog followers.

Check out just a few of the one of a kind listings.











We offer dresses, skirts, headbands, nursing scarfs/necklaces and vintage linens all for a price range of $7.00-$32.00! 

Go check out my unique shop and if you see something you like, snatch it up before it is gone because each piece is one of a kind. Click here to visit the shop.


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