Bye, Bye!

26 Sep

Welp, after a lot of long and heartfelt thought I have decided to close my design blog for good. I will no longer be posting to this blog. It was fun and the site will be up for awhile so you can read about old posts. I had to consider if the time I spent on this blog made sense with my new life as Mom. The conclusion is, it did not. I love posting about my diy projects and sharing them with readers who appreciate that kind of thing, but I must reclaim some of my time for more important missions.

The most important thing in my life is and will always be my God, my church, and my family. As a Mom, life is busier than ever and I need to create margin in my life to fill with things that matter for much longer than my latest paint color choice or cute new pillow.

I am not belittling my favorite hobby and I can assure you that I will continue to decorate and redecorate my house as I find time but I will just relax and enjoy my creativity with my family and the stress of photoing the projects, writing about them, etc.. will not be there.

I am very inspired recently to SIMPLIFY my life so I can focus on things of eternal purpose and consequence.  So with that I bid you farewell and hopefully give my last bit of inspiration to you, that you may do an inventory on your own life and create margin for more things of eternal consequence.

Bye, Bye,



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