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My Christmas Decor 2010!

14 Dec

Finally, my camera is working and I can post my Christmas decorations. There have been some little changes from last year, but I think they have made a big difference! First change, I have added burlap ribbon to my “woodland” tree. It really makes the silver and white ornaments stand out. A cheap and easy way to fill up the tree too!

Next change, I added soft pillows of fake snow throughout the tree to really make it full and “winter wonderland” like.

I was so excited to decorate this year because I now have a banister! I hung “wood shaving wreaths” along the banister in addition to garland, more burlap ribbon, and silver ornaments.

The full picture, a wonderfully traditional “winter woodland” theme. Oh yeah, I also wrapped my gifts in brown paper with white ribbon. No way red and green snowman paper was going under this tree!

Then on to the table, I used different size glass vases, my favorite aqua candles, a silver tray, and some fake snow. It was fast and easy.

I went to my favorite antique store and picked up a few silver bowls and vintage ornaments. This really adds some “time-loved” appeal to my decor. I love this shot!

Then my favorite, my pink and white Christmas tree. The greatest addition, the white spirally balls (see above) that sparkle pink and white in the tree and add a ton of whimsy fun.

My favorite ornament, one my Mom made from vintage doilies.

and you can’t forget Paris!

To top it off, another “white spirally ball” (don’t know what to call them really but they are cute!).

Another bowl of ornaments.

Finally, the big picture. A wonderfully “girly” tree below a map of Paris and beside a clean white linen chair. Truly a lovely setting. Don’t miss the white ceramic urn that finishes off the tree.


More Holiday Cheer via Polished Cotton

5 Dec



I love finding new blogs to be inspired by and I just found a great one I just had to share. Polished Cotton, a fairly new blog and brand new to me, had some amazing beautiful Christmas decor ideas! This “all white” room above with its glowing Christmas Tree is breathe taking. I love creamy, dreamy neutrals, especially on dark winter days. It is so bright and cheerful. 


I love the vintage appeal of the above picture. The woodland tree, the vintage chic horses, and the old window combine to make a simply perfect look. 


First, I love paperwhites! I also love the mix of green and white. It is such an natural, earthy color palette that never looses. 


That hutch is  simply to die for. The back painted robin’s egg blue, with white china on natural wood shelves is sheer perfection. The old filigree window above makes me green with envy. I love how they hung the coffee mugs! Again the paperwhites are so pleasing. Everything about this room is pleasing! 


Hope you go visit Polished Cotton, and check out the amazing inspiration to be had there. 


My Christmas Decor!

30 Nov

Ok, it is time to share with you my Christmas decor! Wish I was a better photographer, but here it is.


The Santa head looks a little creepy here, but it looks great in person.

This tree is all about a “winter woodland Christmas”. I used lots of twigs and branches as well as these cute little birdhouses with pinecone roofs. I was very pleased how it turned out!

This is the best tree I think I have ever done and the pictures just didn’t do it justice.

My mom gave me some of her old pink ornaments that have a sort of vintage patina now. They look so beautiful. I added a few new ornaments here and there, including the “oh so cute” birdies from Micheal’s.

 This post was really more for me to have my Christmas memories here for easy access and because I never get around to printing pictures, but I hope you enjoyed them anyway.

Thanks for reading!

Not Your “Traditional” Christmas Tree

28 Nov

For those of you who love to do something different for your Christmas decor, these Christmas Trees are for you. These aren’t your “traditional” Christmas trees. Brought to you by the creative mind of Martha Stewart, these trees are beautiful and oh so chic. The gold tree above is a great twist on the traditional fir, and really makes a statement.

For those who really want to think outside the box, this bonsai tree is a really creative option for your Christmas tree. I my opinion anything looks good with glittery ornaments hanging in it, so get creative. The neat thing about this tree is you can use it without the ornaments year-round.

This one is my favorite!!! I have never seen a tinsel tree with rosette branch tips before, but apparently these were really popular back in the 60’s. Wish I could find one today. My favorite part (besides the vintage rosette branches) is the tin tray holding the tree, such a neat idea.


I hope you get some good ideas from these unique, not so traditional Christmas trees.


A Beach “Not too Themey” Christmas

26 Nov

This beautiful and frugal Christmas Decor idea came to me via the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living, and this craft I can actually do. This is a perfect way to decorate a beach house for Christmas without being too “beachy”! Just a little glue, a little glitter, some great shells from your walk on the beach, and you’ll have recreated this fantastic look.