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Paint Color?

2 Sep

I received a comment asking what color the walls in my office were so I thought I would throw in a quick post tonight with that info in case anyone else is looking for that too.

The color is Sherwin Williams Animated Coral

They call it coral but to me it is much softer and peachy than coral so I refer to it as Apricot. Color names are all relative to the viewer though and I could preach a sermon on that (but I won’t)!

This will be a nice way to remember what color this is for myself because I am sure that paint can will get chucked some day. So thanks for asking about the color so I can remember myself!


Black and White Love!

9 Jul

Loving Black and White recently (probably has to do with my new obsession with Mary McDonald. just sayin).

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Gray is just beginning!

9 Jul

As a designer (I’m sure other designers understand this), I find I move on from the latest color schemes because I see and use them in lots of projects. I get bored and am ready for the next thing. However, I am still loving gray and am pleasantly surprised that the color continues to pick up steam. That is why I was glad to see Emma Watson sporting a BEAUTIFUL gray dress at the Harry Potter London premiere.

So a big thanks to Emma for keeping the trend alive. This dress was so fabulous I believe it will become iconic and single-handedly add at least a year to the lifespan of gray’s popularity.

Have a great weekend!

Bright and Colorful, But Not Too Much!

4 Jul

You don’t have to be afraid of bright colors! This home demonstrates perfectly how to use color to transform a space without it overwhelming the space. I love all the white with pops of color. However, those pops of color are continuous throughout as to not shock the senses and create flow.

The other things I truly love is the way the space combines modern and traditional. I recently had a conversation with a young professional just starting out in her first apartment. The apartment is in an adorable historic building in downtown Richmond yet she said she didn’t like it because she likes modern design and her apartment had crown moldings. Umm, really?!? I politely encouraged her to mix her modern furniture and decor with that lovely historic backdrop in all white and bam…Modern! Hopefully she takes my advice and embraces her lovely space.
 Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! Until next time…

via My Black Book

Blue and White Returns!

20 Apr

Trend Alert: Blue and White is back baby. It never really “went away” but hit a low for a short time. Now the classic look is back and very strong for 2011.

This sunroom is totally fabulous! Love the suzani stools and tin-tucked curtains!

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Contemplating Cabinet Colors

12 Mar

So, I have been planning all my many projects for our new house and one thing I am still debating is cabinet color. I am painting the cabinets no doubt but I am trying to decide between painting them all white OR painting them all gray OR painting the top cabinets white and the bottom cabinet gray. So many choices, all good ideas, I just can’t decide. Any thoughts?


Color of the Year! Pink…Haven’t I been saying this for awhile?

23 Feb

Not to sound boastful but I had to laugh when Pantone declared “Honeysuckle” the color of the year. Yep pink is hot and the blogosphere  has been on that trend for years. Of course it makes “Pink” no less the color of the year. House Beautiful’s March 2011 cover drives the trend home with the perfect pink rooms and even gives us the coveted wall colors of the rooms featured!


A Return to Traditional Blue and White decor

17 Nov

Trend watching recently, I believe I am starting to see a trend in trends. Traditional blue and white decor is making a come back. Blue is always in of course always in varying hues. As spa blue, aqua settles into its appropriate place among beloved blue hues there is more room again to love other hues of blue such as transferware blue. Keep an eye out, you’ll notice this trend too.

Color Trend 2010!

21 Mar

They’ve been saying this for years now, but I think purple has finally found its way to the top in 2010. Not often have we seen purple rise to “trendome”. Could it all be because of Victory Ford’s fabulous apartment in Lipstick Jungle (a show that shouldn’t have been canceled!!) or is it just time. Well whatever it is, I’m digging it! I think it is time to have a little fun with color in 2010.

images via Shades of Light, Bandelle, Color Sizzle

Simply Chic

20 Jan

Could neutrals be any hotter right now?!? I propose that they cannot! Classics are back baby and neutrals are hot. I am officially considering changing my wardrobe to strictly blacks and whites (this can include gray of course). Don’t want to do totally neutral? Well you’re in luck. A classic neutral wardrobe or decor is a perfect opportunity to really pop accessories or a pair of shoes.

images via Coco Kelley, Dress Design and Decor, and A Life more Fabulous.