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Downtown Chic: A Book Review

22 Dec

A fabulous design book (for designers and “wanna be’s” alike), Downtown Chic is a wonderfully inspirational book full of beautiful pictures, as well as a practical guide to the “ups and downs” of renovation, vintage shopping, and architecture. Couple, Robert and Cortney Novogratz start with the tale of their first renovation of a town house in Chelsea, and share how this project lead to a passion and career in architecture and redesign. Their experience is priceless and they share it with us! I love how the practical tips shared in this book, break down the barriers that architects and designers have built to keep the passionate yet common man out. There are tips on hiring contractors, finding great vintage decor, hanging collections of wall-art, and turning negatives into positives (my favorite tip guide). This is a must read for any design-buff out there who wants to be inspired and motivated to complete projects (maybe a New Year’s Resolution) with vintage flair. Below I have shared just a couple of the great pictures (I am not going to ruin the book for you though) this book is filled with.

This pictures (above) is so amazing! The mirror is breathtaking. You’ll never guess where Robert and Cortney picked it up, the Biltmore Hotel. A little piece of Biltmore style right in your home. That is my dream!