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Fan Makeover, Little details make all the difference! Stripes in Archway.

6 Sep





A few weeks ago Young House Love “House Crashed” my house and they were loving the stripes in my pass-through window. Now, this was so cool to me because I have always been on the fence about my pass-through window (I kinda do not like them). All the positive feedback from the picture Young House Love posted above actually gave me a new found love for what I now think of as my “adorable little window”. The thing people seemed to like most were the stripes. For me the stripes were one of those “ah,ha” moments when I had stared at that hole in the wall for just about long enough trying to decide what would make it look better.

Today I received a comment from a fan who shared that my “adorable little window” so inspired them that they look the idea and implemented it in their own home. HOW COOL!

archway-beforegreen-striped-archway (1) striped-archway-and-stairs


Dominique painted 4″ stripes like mine in her “used to be plain but is now so fab” archway. Not only do I love that I actually inspired someone else, but I am loving the color that she used and I am also loving her blog. Go check out her blog here, and leave her some love if you like her makeover.


Black and White Love!

9 Jul

Loving Black and White recently (probably has to do with my new obsession with Mary McDonald. just sayin).

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Gray is just beginning!

9 Jul

As a designer (I’m sure other designers understand this), I find I move on from the latest color schemes because I see and use them in lots of projects. I get bored and am ready for the next thing. However, I am still loving gray and am pleasantly surprised that the color continues to pick up steam. That is why I was glad to see Emma Watson sporting a BEAUTIFUL gray dress at the Harry Potter London premiere.

So a big thanks to Emma for keeping the trend alive. This dress was so fabulous I believe it will become iconic and single-handedly add at least a year to the lifespan of gray’s popularity.

Have a great weekend!

Do what?!? I want antlers for my walls/Curiosity Chic!

7 Jul

Yep they are so chic right now!

Blue and White Returns!

20 Apr

Trend Alert: Blue and White is back baby. It never really “went away” but hit a low for a short time. Now the classic look is back and very strong for 2011.

This sunroom is totally fabulous! Love the suzani stools and tin-tucked curtains!

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Color of the Year! Pink…Haven’t I been saying this for awhile?

23 Feb

Not to sound boastful but I had to laugh when Pantone declared “Honeysuckle” the color of the year. Yep pink is hot and the blogosphere  has been on that trend for years. Of course it makes “Pink” no less the color of the year. House Beautiful’s March 2011 cover drives the trend home with the perfect pink rooms and even gives us the coveted wall colors of the rooms featured!


Chevron Favorites!

11 Dec

Loving Chevron Stripes!

Happy Weekend!

Neutral Bliss!

7 Dec

Soft, Airy, and Spa like…neutrals are bliss when it comes to decor. They never go out of style and they create a relaxing space. Here are some of the products on my “Neutral” wish list. My favorite thing in this room? The window treatments of course. They look like a wedding dress. So full, so lovely!

A must have, and high on my wish list is a French settee. This one from Shades of Light is fabulous chic in this trellis print with button details. Love it!

Also from Shades of Light this beaded basket chandelier is rustic and chic at the same time. The beads are on rope adding a surprising detail that makes this chandelier so unique!

Artwork from Z-Gallerie. These posters are available everywhere, but this one is nicely framed.

Luxury linens are a must to create a relaxing oasis in your bedroom. These linens from Belle Notte and Papillon Linens are on the top of my list!

An antique rug can add depth to your decor. A “time loved” elegance with great texture to add interest to neutral decors. The more worn the better in my opinion. Antique rugs are usually an investment, but they are built to last and create a look like no other.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season!

A Return to Traditional Blue and White decor

17 Nov

Trend watching recently, I believe I am starting to see a trend in trends. Traditional blue and white decor is making a come back. Blue is always in of course always in varying hues. As spa blue, aqua settles into its appropriate place among beloved blue hues there is more room again to love other hues of blue such as transferware blue. Keep an eye out, you’ll notice this trend too.

Contemporary doesn’t equal Modern

26 Oct

After a visit to High Point market, where designer lingo is thrown around like confetti, I feel the need to write a blog explaining the difference between “Contemporary” and “Modern”. So here goes…

Google defines contemporary as: characteristic of the present.

Google defines modern as: belonging to the modern era or as: ahead of the times.

So, what is the difference? Well, this may not be very scientific, just the thoughts of a “20-something” designer/trend follower. But I find there is a HUGE difference which doesn’t necessarily follow the “definition” of the words. Why? Let me explain.

The word contemporary was used profusely in the late 80’s and early 90’s to describe the fashion and design trend most recently seen in a Bill Cosby sweater or the bad necktie your boss sports to work occasionally. What is most important about this is that, in the design world, terms that describe a “look” stick. So you can’t call Bill Cosby’s sweater contemporary for a decade and then also call the latest in the design movement the same thing. The lingo has to change. We don’t call “mid-century modern” design contemporary, even though according to the true definition it was, for its time, contemporary. We call it “mid-century modern” because that is the accepted term to describe that movement more directly. We call 70’s decor retro…and so on. However, for some reason a new term was not openly accepted for Bill Cosby’s sweater– so we still call that contemporary, and yet try to call new, clean, modern design contemporary, too. So which one is it– Bill Cosby’s sweater, or Modern???

Mid-Century Modern

Cool Retro:



Well as a child of the 80’s who’s skin crawls at the word contemporary, I say it is MODERN. Modern is the term used to describe to latest design styles in the market today. Clean, simple, spacious designs without a lot of fuse and clutter is happening today and is worlds away from contemporary design.

Let me describe Bill Cosby’s sweater a little more for some of those who may not be following. The contemporary movement in the 80’s was about infusing abstract art into fashion and home. Designer Koos van den Akker, who designed the “Cosby Sweaters” defined the movement for the world through TV. The geometric, colorful, and asymettical designs were all the rage.

But by no means does recent design and Bill Cosby’s sweater look remotely the same. So let’s all agree to call Bill Cosby’s sweater contemporary and trends of today modern. But we will have to remember to come up with a new term for designs of tomorrow.




so sad the date!!!



Seeing the difference???

All this I will end with the disclaimer that I am a strong believer that all design terms are relative. However there are some things you can’t deny.