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Awesome Inspiration from CotedeTexas

27 May

This fabric is stunningly beautiful. I love how they used so much of it, not being afraid of overwhelming the room. This was truly the right move. Complimenting the fabric with solid fabrics elsewhere breaks-up all the pattern. A truly inspiring design.

Another beautiful pattern, this time on wallpaper. I love powder rooms with punch!

The opposite of pattern, this room is full of solid neutrals with luxe textures. A breath of fresh air.

Thanks CotedeTexas for all the inspiration today!


The Beauty of Down

18 Apr

Wondering why the sofas and beds in magazines and design shops always looks so inviting, comfortable, and beautiful? Well the answer is down. I have made it a rule to never by a sofa that isn’t a least part down filled. You need a little give to sink into your sofa and relax. Sofas completely filled with poly-foam core generally don’t give and some even push back. Who wants a sofa that pushes you around? I most certainly don’t! Now you might be thinking, “If I sink into my sofa, I might never be able to get out.”  Well there are blend options that allow you to have the best of both worlds. The other worry I find most people have with down is that it is going to be more expensive and that is just not true. If you are a true shopper like myself, there are great sofas to be had out there that are down or down-blends that are actually less expensive than some poly-foam options. As far as down comforters go, well you can go to your nearest Ross or TJ-MAX and buy one for less than most other comforters. I guess what I am saying is… don’t settle! You too can have the beauty and comfort of down.

images via Cote De Texas

The Canopy Bed for Timeless Tuesday

2 Feb

via StyleHive

Whether new and unique, or classically styled the canopy bed will always be around. The canopy bed is a classic that has lasted centuries. It has been used in royal homes, draped with heavy curtains for warmth and in tropical bungalows to keep out insects. A practical classic has maybe lost some of its practicality due to modern conveniences but it hasn’t left our homes, which leads me to believe that the canopy bed is worth mentioning for Timeless Tuesday. See Paula Grace Designs for more designers ideas of great classics to stick around.

via Cote De Texas

via Phoebe Howard

Lovely Bedrooms

8 Apr





These bedrooms are so beautiful. Simplicity is key in all of these rooms, and a soft relaxing color scheme. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.