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Weekend Surfing

6 Nov

I found a fabulous new blog and am already very inspired!

Check out Abode Love!

I first found this blog via Pinterest where I fell in love with these striped walls.

From there I ventured to this lovely blog and fell in more in love with her entire home!

I love the Anthropologie look of the living room. I always hesitate to add pretty “clutter” like this and like the fabulous Anthropologie stores but when I see it, I always want to do it.

Can’t wait to dive further into this blog for more and more inspiration. THANKS ABODE HOME!


Bright and Colorful, But Not Too Much!

4 Jul

You don’t have to be afraid of bright colors! This home demonstrates perfectly how to use color to transform a space without it overwhelming the space. I love all the white with pops of color. However, those pops of color are continuous throughout as to not shock the senses and create flow.

The other things I truly love is the way the space combines modern and traditional. I recently had a conversation with a young professional just starting out in her first apartment. The apartment is in an adorable historic building in downtown Richmond yet she said she didn’t like it because she likes modern design and her apartment had crown moldings. Umm, really?!? I politely encouraged her to mix her modern furniture and decor with that lovely historic backdrop in all white and bam…Modern! Hopefully she takes my advice and embraces her lovely space.
 Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! Until next time…

via My Black Book

My Precious has Arrived!

8 Jun

Guess who showed up to surprise me last Friday, my Precious (a little “Lord of the Rings” throw back there). What I mean is my sofa is here! Finally after a month of waiting (which isn’t that bad for a custom-made sofa) my sofa finally arrived last week and I couldn’t be more pleased!

I ordered my sofa from a fabulous North Carolina furniture builder. I chose this sofa because it is extra deep (great for lounging in) but at the same time the two rows of pillows support your back if you want to sit up straight (for entertaining purposes because you can’t slouch in a LBD). I also loved the long bench cushion and elegantly rolled arms that are not too over-stuffed but not too modern.

I hand select the fabric, of which I chose two. The back, sides, and back pillows are in an intricate trellis pattern of dark taupe and cream. Complimenting the trellis pattern is a casual, yet sophisticated stripe in taupe and cream. I love how the trellis pattern is feminine and French, while the stripe has a masculine “menswear” appeal. The combination is stunning and inviting!

So here is a review of the progress so far: We went from this…

To this…

To this…

Not too shabby! Stay tuned for the budget breakdown and be amazed by just how little it took to create this look.

Color of the Year! Pink…Haven’t I been saying this for awhile?

23 Feb

Not to sound boastful but I had to laugh when Pantone declared “Honeysuckle” the color of the year. Yep pink is hot and the blogosphere  has been on that trend for years. Of course it makes “Pink” no less the color of the year. House Beautiful’s March 2011 cover drives the trend home with the perfect pink rooms and even gives us the coveted wall colors of the rooms featured!


A Return to Traditional Blue and White decor

17 Nov

Trend watching recently, I believe I am starting to see a trend in trends. Traditional blue and white decor is making a come back. Blue is always in of course always in varying hues. As spa blue, aqua settles into its appropriate place among beloved blue hues there is more room again to love other hues of blue such as transferware blue. Keep an eye out, you’ll notice this trend too.

And the Pendulum Swings (because we’ve so been there, done that)

23 Aug

I’ve been waiting for some fresh inspiration for a while. Sorry I’ve been gone so long!! Finally some great spaces worth posting about. This post is about saying “Bye, Bye” to color and “Hello” to neutral rich textures.

Home Decor and Fashion is all about a swinging pendulum. We revolted from “antique white” walls back in 90’s starting with Red/Burgundy and Green. Then we moved on to blue/green (we revolted from the warm reds to cool tones) now the pendulum is swinging back the other direction. We are SO over color. Maybe it has to do with the economy (neutrals are safer so we don’t have to change expensive items out to make a change) or maybe it is just time. I for one have always loved an “all white” room and monochromatic decorating. I have always taught that expensive items in the home should always be neutral (IE: don’t put in hunter green countertops YUCK!)

The key is to add texture and rich finishes to a neutral palette. Avoid the pitfalls! Don’t fall for a cheaper version faux silk curtain panel or poly-filled pillow. Go for the real thing. These things can cheapen a room faster than peach carpet. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. I have several down filled pillows from Target. It just means be discerning and shop carefully.

This kitchen is so beautiful. I love the clean, simple, relaxing feel.

Whether modern, rustic, or country chic we are all going neutral. Neutral is a trend just like anything else and the pendulum will swing again, but at least I won’t be ripping out my flooring or selling by teal sofa to move on.

images via Desire to Inspire.

A Sunny Disposition

30 Jun

via Beautiful Things to Share

Awesome Inspiration from CotedeTexas

27 May

This fabric is stunningly beautiful. I love how they used so much of it, not being afraid of overwhelming the room. This was truly the right move. Complimenting the fabric with solid fabrics elsewhere breaks-up all the pattern. A truly inspiring design.

Another beautiful pattern, this time on wallpaper. I love powder rooms with punch!

The opposite of pattern, this room is full of solid neutrals with luxe textures. A breath of fresh air.

Thanks CotedeTexas for all the inspiration today!

The Beauty of Down

18 Apr

Wondering why the sofas and beds in magazines and design shops always looks so inviting, comfortable, and beautiful? Well the answer is down. I have made it a rule to never by a sofa that isn’t a least part down filled. You need a little give to sink into your sofa and relax. Sofas completely filled with poly-foam core generally don’t give and some even push back. Who wants a sofa that pushes you around? I most certainly don’t! Now you might be thinking, “If I sink into my sofa, I might never be able to get out.”  Well there are blend options that allow you to have the best of both worlds. The other worry I find most people have with down is that it is going to be more expensive and that is just not true. If you are a true shopper like myself, there are great sofas to be had out there that are down or down-blends that are actually less expensive than some poly-foam options. As far as down comforters go, well you can go to your nearest Ross or TJ-MAX and buy one for less than most other comforters. I guess what I am saying is… don’t settle! You too can have the beauty and comfort of down.

images via Cote De Texas

Country Living’s House of the Year (Living Room)

22 Mar

Watch this video on Country Living’s House of the Year. It is full of great ideas and inspiration!