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It’s that time of year again! IKEA…

4 Aug

Yes, my Ikea catalog has arrived in the mail! I love to sit down and flip through pages and pages of inspiration that I can actually afford!


I am really liking how the latest catalog is laid out. It is really easy to find all the product this time. In the past I have found it hard to decipher the product out of all the room shots. While the rooms shots are very inspirational, it is hard to see all the products and how they are being used in the space.  This time they seem to have more pages of product and info, and less pages of rooms. I like a catalog that is somewhat in the middle, inspiring spaces and also enough info to shop.

So I wanted to share a few of the new items that really caught my eye.

ImageThis hutch is SO unique and yet functional. I love the classic white and the modern lines. I think this piece would be a great way to bring a traditional space to a more transitional look. You could make this piece REALLY modern or somewhat transitional depending on what you put in it.



ImageI LOVE this chair. It is a little pricey for IKEA at $499, but the lines are fantastic and the fabrics go from fun, to sexy, to classic. YUMMY!

ImageA classic dhurrie rug, but at IKEA pricing! HELLO!

ImageI love the simple spiral detail on these wine glasses. An elegant and yet modern glassware.

ImageThis fabric is adorable and would look amazing as a quirky addition to a traditional space, or maybe in a nursery. SO CUTE!

ImageThis chandelier is stunning, and at $99 you can’t beat it anywhere!


ImageI have a thing for wall vases. This one is so simple and petite and I love it! $9.99 for a simple update to your wall decor.

Welp, you’ve done it again IKEA. Well done, WELL DONE! Let me know what products you guys are lovin’!

Until next time, Katrina


Pumpkin Time!

31 Aug

It is that time of year again! Well, I guess it is not really quite that time but I just can’t wait, it is time for all things pumpkin!

I just love this time of year because all the fabulous pumpkin recipes emerge as we begin to crave festive, spiced foods. So for those who crave pumpkin as much as I do I have scoured the web to bring you some fabulous pumpkin recipes. I will try some of these recipes myself and let you know what I think to come.

Pumpkin Gnocchi via House of Brinson

Pumpkin Spice Latte via GimmeSomeOven

Pumpkin Risotto via FoodNetwork

Pumpkin Butter via OhSheGlows

Spicy Pumpkin Soup via Simply Recipes

Pumpkin Trifle via A Taste of Home

Pumpkin Spice Muffins via HowToSimplify

Click on the links above to see these recipes. If you try and like any of these let me know! I would love to hear about your experience and share with you this fabulous season of pumpkin fever.

Fabulous Quote!

4 Jul

I just need people to stop grabbing my paint brush while

I’m painting the painting.

Mary McDonald

Happy Holiday, see you tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday

Pastry Heaven: Bobbette & Belle

21 Mar

I just became extremely jealous of those who live in Toronto. I found this incredibly lovely bakery located in Toronto that makes the most unbelievable artisan pastries I have ever seen. I am wishing for something like this shop here in Richmond, hoping and dreaming. Guess I will have to put this on my visit list if I ever make it to Toronto. Take a look at these lovely images of their “baked art” and fabulous displays. The shop is completely cute too! Click here to visit their website.

Visit Dress, Design, and Decor, a lovely blog where I found this lovely bakery.

Anthropologie Kitchen Gadgets

19 Mar

Spring has Sprung and here in Richmond it is time to enjoy the many fun outdoor malls. I broke my hibernation today and went shopping at one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie. Didn’t purchase anything because I am in full blown planning mode and won’t purchase anything for the house until we close in 10 DAYS!! I fell in love with these measuring cups though and will just have to have them when we move in. This will be a nice little “moving gift” for myself. Aren’t they precious!?!!!

Change It Up With Reclaimed Containers!

20 Dec

The image above has been begging me to use it in a blog recently. “Why” I wondered to myself, “do I like this picture so much?” There was just something about the beautiful decor in this image that really appealed to me. Then finally it hit me. I am in love with this image because of the way they used the containers on the sofa table to spice up the entire space. I can see myself standing in that room and identifying that without the glass containers with the tall foliage the room would be nice but not utterly striking.

Reclaiming containers to be used for displaying items, as a retail merchandiser, has been in my repertoire for years . I find myself also decorating my home as a retail merchandiser. I use containers to add texture, color, and height to a space or items that otherwise might be lacking interest. The above image is so strikingly simple and yet dramatic. You may be thinking, “I don’t have cool containers like these.” Well that is a simple fix. Make a visit to your local antique store (*before you go scour your favorite design blogs for inspiration) and start hunting for unique containers of different scales that appeal to you. Focus is key as you shop. Remember what you are there for and don’t get distracted. Look at items not as what they are but what they could be. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Go home and start playing with items you already own to fill the containers with. Go outside and snip branches and foliage to enliven your “display.” Step back from your “display,” critique your work, and edit.

The most exciting thing about using reclaimed containers for decor is that you can change your space all the time. For Christmas use a bucket like above to put your Christmas tree in. During the year fill this bucket with stones and moss, guest soaps and a luffa, magazines, or utensils.

Use containers to store otherwise unattractive items such as soaps, jewelry, sewing supplies, etc… The key here is to group items in like color or type that make sense together. What I am NOT telling you to do is have bowls all over your home with junk thrown in them!

PAINT IS YOUR FRIEND. The above container on this table is I believe an old bird bath painted and placed on the coffee table. The texture it adds to the room is ingenious.

The above container could be used in a garden or inside as a magazine rack. Use it in your kitchen to store soda bottles (I never have room for these and they are SO ugly!) Put a glass top on this to use as a side table!

Above is my 2010 Christmas tablescape. I just recently purchased this silver bowl from my local antique store for $10. It is from Tiffany’s even!! I already owned the other containers on the table. I randomly staggered the heights of the containers low, then high, then lowest (another key to decorating with containers). I blended the shiny textures with the rough textured candles and soft snow. I will use the containers to display something totally different after Christmas.

Hope you can take some of my key secrets to using containers in your decor to spice up your home for all seasons. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I will be back after the holidays to share more of my inspiration and design secrets. Until then!


Chevron Favorites!

11 Dec

Loving Chevron Stripes!

Happy Weekend!

Eat, Pray, Love this rug!

4 Sep

I just had to use that title while it was stuck in my head. So anyways, have a great long weekend. Oh and by the way…love this rug!

The Beauty of Down

18 Apr

Wondering why the sofas and beds in magazines and design shops always looks so inviting, comfortable, and beautiful? Well the answer is down. I have made it a rule to never by a sofa that isn’t a least part down filled. You need a little give to sink into your sofa and relax. Sofas completely filled with poly-foam core generally don’t give and some even push back. Who wants a sofa that pushes you around? I most certainly don’t! Now you might be thinking, “If I sink into my sofa, I might never be able to get out.”  Well there are blend options that allow you to have the best of both worlds. The other worry I find most people have with down is that it is going to be more expensive and that is just not true. If you are a true shopper like myself, there are great sofas to be had out there that are down or down-blends that are actually less expensive than some poly-foam options. As far as down comforters go, well you can go to your nearest Ross or TJ-MAX and buy one for less than most other comforters. I guess what I am saying is… don’t settle! You too can have the beauty and comfort of down.

images via Cote De Texas

Old Wise Owl

30 Jan

I call Him “old” because the owl is a vintage trend come back to life. I call him “wise” because it is wise to love all things owls right now. I call him “owl” well because he is an owl. This table lamp from “Shades of Light”, is absolutely adorable and the best owl lamp I have seen. Did I say ADORABLE? See below for more cute owl stuff.

via southpassbeads

via ManiMina