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Fan Makeover, Little details make all the difference! Stripes in Archway.

6 Sep





A few weeks ago Young House Love “House Crashed” my house and they were loving the stripes in my pass-through window. Now, this was so cool to me because I have always been on the fence about my pass-through window (I kinda do not like them). All the positive feedback from the picture Young House Love posted above actually gave me a new found love for what I now think of as my “adorable little window”. The thing people seemed to like most were the stripes. For me the stripes were one of those “ah,ha” moments when I had stared at that hole in the wall for just about long enough trying to decide what would make it look better.

Today I received a comment from a fan who shared that my “adorable little window” so inspired them that they look the idea and implemented it in their own home. HOW COOL!

archway-beforegreen-striped-archway (1) striped-archway-and-stairs


Dominique painted 4″ stripes like mine in her “used to be plain but is now so fab” archway. Not only do I love that I actually inspired someone else, but I am loving the color that she used and I am also loving her blog. Go check out her blog here, and leave her some love if you like her makeover.


Weekend Surfing

6 Nov

I found a fabulous new blog and am already very inspired!

Check out Abode Love!

I first found this blog via Pinterest where I fell in love with these striped walls.

From there I ventured to this lovely blog and fell in more in love with her entire home!

I love the Anthropologie look of the living room. I always hesitate to add pretty “clutter” like this and like the fabulous Anthropologie stores but when I see it, I always want to do it.

Can’t wait to dive further into this blog for more and more inspiration. THANKS ABODE HOME!

Don’t Forget the Laundry Room

20 Oct

Just a quick inspiration post because I love this laundry room. Need to remember this for the future when I actually have a laundry room and not a laundry closet.

 via Home Styling

Inspiration to Get the Job Done!

7 Sep

I was in much need of some inspiration to break the paint brush out again and start painting my kitchen cabinets. It seems once the paint supplies are packed away they really want to stay that way, or maybe I really want them to stay that way.

As you can see below my basic builder cabinets in warm honey oak aren’t really cutting it mixed in with my cool color palette of gray and white.

I have finally found my inspiration though from a newly found blog called Me and Jilly.

 Here is Mia’s kitchen before. Looks somewhat like mine with basic builder cabinets and linoleum countertops.

Now here is Mia’s kitchen after…

Wow what a transformation and so inspiring!

Mia added molding to her plain cabinet fronts, added glass panels to some of the upper cabinet doors, and did some finishing touches with a brick veneer backsplash and unique concrete countertop.

I am thinking, if her kitchen can look this good with some sweat and tears, mine can too! Now that I have the inspiration I just have to find the time. If I ever get the two together I’ll be unstoppable! Ya feelin me?!?

Gray is just beginning!

9 Jul

As a designer (I’m sure other designers understand this), I find I move on from the latest color schemes because I see and use them in lots of projects. I get bored and am ready for the next thing. However, I am still loving gray and am pleasantly surprised that the color continues to pick up steam. That is why I was glad to see Emma Watson sporting a BEAUTIFUL gray dress at the Harry Potter London premiere.

So a big thanks to Emma for keeping the trend alive. This dress was so fabulous I believe it will become iconic and single-handedly add at least a year to the lifespan of gray’s popularity.

Have a great weekend!

Bright and Colorful, But Not Too Much!

4 Jul

You don’t have to be afraid of bright colors! This home demonstrates perfectly how to use color to transform a space without it overwhelming the space. I love all the white with pops of color. However, those pops of color are continuous throughout as to not shock the senses and create flow.

The other things I truly love is the way the space combines modern and traditional. I recently had a conversation with a young professional just starting out in her first apartment. The apartment is in an adorable historic building in downtown Richmond yet she said she didn’t like it because she likes modern design and her apartment had crown moldings. Umm, really?!? I politely encouraged her to mix her modern furniture and decor with that lovely historic backdrop in all white and bam…Modern! Hopefully she takes my advice and embraces her lovely space.
 Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend! Until next time…

via My Black Book

Mary McDonald House Tour!

16 Jun

I am newly obsessed with Mary McDonald. She, in one hour, became my favorite designer (after I watched the first episode of Million Dollar Decorators). I had to share this clip of a house tour (click here to view) of one of the fabulous houses Mary designed. I know you will enjoy. It is a must watch!

Glass Bottle Collections

1 Jun

Inspiration of the day, Lovely Glass Bottle Collections. Reusing pretty bottles is good for the earth and makes utilitarian necessities prettier. No more plastic, use glass instead of make your home pretty while keeping our earth pretty.

 Or just display a pretty collection of glass bottle together as a lovely vignette. The blue hue of most vintage bottles add great subtle color to any space.

Leave the dirt in the bottles 🙂 It gives them authenticity. Pick a few sprigs from your garden to bring nature inside. Set your collection in front of a window or under a lamp to see the glass sparkle.

Some Great Advice for Design Bloggers

27 May

I stumbled upon this great design blog yesterday called “Nesting Place” and was very encouraged by a great post, “Process: Slow Decorating”. As I have said before, I have been taking my time and trying to enjoy the process of decorating my new home as well as letting the progression happen organically instead of trying to make everything perfect all at once. Yet, I have been reluctant to post anything from my house because nothing looks perfect yet, nothing is complete and not the way I plan to leave it. So I find myself wanting to put a disclaimer on everything to explain that I have bigger plans, that it will get better than this, etc. Are you resonating with any of this?? Read this post (click here) from “Nesting Place” and you too will be encouraged to share your progress and love your home even when it is not perfect.

Thanks “Nesting Place” for the encouragement and great insight. Keep up the good work and by the way I love your home!

All moved in!

8 May

Well we are all moved in thanks to tons of help from our faithful friends and family. THANKS GUYS! I will be without internet for a few days but I will be posting our progress asap so stay tuned.

A beautiful banquette to inspire me (and perhaps you) to get the project going so I can sit pretty too!

Via (click above)