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DIY is not always foolproof and I am proof of that!

23 Aug

Welp, this was Luke’s highchair as of earlier this week.highchair2

This is Luke’s highchair now, boo :(!

highchair fail

Yep that’s right folks, not every DIY project always pans out. The homemade chalk paint I made from baking soda and paint, well that didn’t mix very well with my homemade cleaning solution made from vinegar and water. If you have ever made a homemade volcano, you know that vinegar and baking soda react together and that meant that the highchair started fuzzing as soon as I sprayed it down. Haha, I am laughing at myself right now! The paint started peeling up immediately and Luke’s cutey cute highchair was no more. Welp, looks like this girl is going to be breaking out her electric sander soon.

For those of you how have tried to DIY their own project and had a super-fail moment of their own, you are not alone so don’t give up!

Until next time, Katrina


DIY Chalk Paint Experiment

7 Aug

I have been reading a lot about chalk paint recently (I know I am a little late on the band wagon). I decided to try it out for myself. I went with a DIY recipe made from supplies I already had at home for a couple of reasons. First, I didn’t want to pay for the paint, and free is always better. Second, it was a spur of the moment project and I didn’t want to wait for the paint. Sometimes impatiences works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

I grabbed a bucket of leftover paint from the garage and some baking soda from the kitchen. I went by a recipe I found on Pinterest: 1 cup paint, 1/2 baking soda, 3 tbls. water. I dumped it all in a solo cup (I didn’t want to wash anything afterwards except the brush of course :)) and stirred. Here is a glimpse of my supplies.


Pretty simple so far.

I decided to try a couple of different ways to use the paint. First on upholstery. I have read that you can paint upholstery with chalk paint. I thought, “Well you can actually paint anything with chalk paint but should you?” I have tried painting upholstery before and it didn’t turn out well. It was hard and crusty and uncomfortable. I wanted to give it one more go just in case.

I decided to paint my ottoman. It was on clearance due to a ink mark on it. Since I brought it home it has experienced many spit-ups and other various baby spills. In other words, it has seen better days. Also, it was not exactly a color that I loved, a boring beige.


I also decided to paint the legs on my white wingback chairs. They were a Goodwill find that I had reupholstered. I didn’t mind the wood tone legs but I thought it may be fun to change them.


(via Young House Love)

I simply painted just as normal. After the first coat I was a little scared. The baking soda seemed to be flaking everywhere, rolling up as I brushed.


Yikes! I didn’t give up though (well it was really too late for that).

The next day I finished the second coat. I am pretty pleased with the result.


The paint on both pieces has a soft and ultra matte look. The ottoman looks so soft! You ask, “But is it really soft?” Well….., NO. It isn’t soft. I have plans to keep working on it. The flaky baking soda went away during the second coat and then I sprayed it with a coat of scotch guard to kinda seal it. It isn’t bad for something you put your feet on but I wouldn’t sleep on it (luckily I don’t have to). This may be a temporary redesign for this ottoman. I just spotted a new fabric outlet near my house today so there may be plans for a slipcover in its future. However, I do actually like the result for a free and easy project. The chair legs turned out perfect. I never had any doubt that they wouldn’t.

So here is a before:


(via Young House Love)

and After:


After the result I decided I needed to bring some of the gold accents and warmth of the wall decor down to the ottoman. So I did a new vignette on the ottoman,


Welp, that it my DIY chalk paint experiment. Over all I would give it an A-.

Until next time, Katrina

Whew! What a ride!

6 May

Welp, took me much longer than planned but I am finally back! Having a baby took Nate and I for a wild ride with much more surprises to come I am sure :), but I am back and ready to share my latest home projects, as well as my new life as a stay at home mommy to my adorable son Luke. So let me catch you up with a few photos.

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Big News!

5 Mar

I have big news! Nate and I are going to have a baby. My due date, August 30th. Of course this will change our lives forever and has already started to have its effects. During this exciting time I have decided to relieve myself of some unneeded pressures, including blogging for now. I won’t be gone forever and when I return I am sure to have a stock file full of exciting projects including a nursery! Until then please continue to be inspired by my older posts and I look forward to my families new journey and coming back to tell you all about it.

P.S. You can currently follow me on Pinterest, to keep up with my collection of ideas for my home and the nursery.


2 Sep


I am finally finished with my “$200 or less makeover challenge”, Yippee!!! It took a lot longer than I thought, but I am pleased with the results. You’ll be happy to know that the $200 I gave myself to spend was quite more than enough. See below for my breakdown of cost, but for now check out my “before and afters”.

The first thing I wanted to do was make a plan for the wall decor. I took a mirror I have had since college (it was gold with crackle paint) and painted it white. Then I took sandpaper and lightly distressed it. I did the same with some Ikea candle sconces I had lying around.


Then I just had to try out this new “studio style” trend. This means to hang your art at different levels (kind of a collage of art that has grown as you hang your masterpieces, as you would do in an art studio). I took wallpaper samples I had from discontinued wallpaper books and framed them with frames I already had. I especially love the fruit topiary wallpaper. It looks so french! I cut out a metallic damask pattern and pasted it to the corners of the small square frame and placed stripes of fabric inside. The mirrors I found at a yard sale for $1.00 for all three. I drew a sketch of the hanging plan before I went hammering holes in the wall. However, this was still the easiest hanging job I have ever done, because nothing had to be level. I love “studio style”. I posted previously about my lovely “french chicken wire lampshade”. I bought it at work for $29.00.


Then came the all important window treatments. As you can see above, the old silk panels were fading and to dark. This room has a full sliding glass door, so the window treatments needed to be light and blend. Changing the window treatments from a dark, bold color, to a soft, subtle linen made all the difference!!


This orange wall was the bane of my existence! I hated it sooo much. I matched the soft linen color of the other wall and just painted the one wall. I spent $24.00 on paint and supplies.  The walls being all one color and light made the room feel twice as big.


Then it was on to the clean up of this mess I called a desk. How I was ever inspired, I will never know. First I dealt with the UGLY table. I bought 4 legs at Ikea at $10.00 each. Then I wallpapered the top with a lovely “tone on tone” art nouveau pattern wallpaper I had leftover from a display at work. I made a skirt (to cover the unsightly cords) with a luxurious silk. I pleated it with a staple gun underneath the table and then attached a pretty blue polka-dot ribbon in each pleat with Velcro for contrast. Now I actually like sitting at my desk!


As you see, I covered the entire door with white grommet panels I had previously. I moved the rod as close as I could to the ceiling to add height to the room. I love the window treatments, and they are all from Ikea!! The white lets so much light in the room. It no longer feels like a cave.


I bought the rod at “Ross dress for less”. Yup, and for only $15.oo!


Here is a better picture of the desk skirt.


I picked up a couple of urns for $10.00 each.


See the cute blue polka-dot ribbon, isn’t it cute. I love the wallpaper on the desk top. It blends to nicely.


I know the carpet is an issue. I am working on it though. I have one philosophy I have learned to follow. Never buy just because it is a deal, only buy if you love it. I haven’t found a rug I love yet, so I haven’t bought one.


So here is the cost breakdown.

Paint and supplies $24.00

Table legs $40.00

Curtain rod $15.00

Lampshade $29.00

Mirrors $1.00

Desk accessories $20.00

Total- $129.00

Wow, I have money leftover!! I think I will spend the remainder on some perfectly soft robin’s egg blue candles for my sconces (I don’t have any because I am being picky about the color), and some lovely flowers for my desk. Oh, and some Starbucks to give me energy after this project. So I hope this inspires you to do a little brainstorming to figure out how you can transform a room by moving things around in your home and finding great deals that really are out there. It does take time, but it is so worth it.

My Adventure with macarons!

11 May


So I made my attempt to make macarons.  I made a huge mess, I had a couple of disastrous batches, but it was so much fun. This was my first batch. The recipe didn’t make a lot of batter. I wasted some of it trying to get it into the piping bag (this was my first timing using a piping bag!) So I only yielded 4 macarons from this batch.


I piped out the batter, and it was looking pretty good. The batter wasn’t to runny and had a glossy finish.



I made a simple chocolate ganashe with milk chocolate chips and heavy cream. Here is the final result. Not to bad huh?!? They are turned out great feet, glossy hard shell, a chewy center. They tasted great!


This was my latest batch. I made several in between ( a couple of batched I miss measured the egg whites and that didn’t go so well) These were my favorite due to the intense color. I used the same ganashe. I made these a little smaller, bite size. I had a lot of fun making these. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, just a little patience and attention to detail is all it takes. I’m not an expert yet, but I am working on it.


My Adventure with ShoeDazzle

11 May


So as I reported before, I tryed out ShoeDazzle. The package arrived at my door a couple weeks ago. I have been so busy I am just getting around to posting about it. I was so excited! I opened my package and pulled out a really cute shoe box.


Inside I was pleasantly surprised to find a shoe bag to keep my shoes nice, and a free pashmina for being a first time customer.




 So here are the shoes I choose. The selection the stylist sent me were all lovely. I loved these the most. The heel was a lot higher than I thought they would be, but I am glad to say I can walk in them and they are pretty comfortable for high heels. I am glad to report that I am pleased with ShoeDazzle. I was sent my May selection of shoes on May 2nd, I decided to get a second selection of shoes sent to me this time. I was asked to describe in more detail what I was looking for in my next pair of shoes. I am still deciding on the new selection. The thing I like the most so far, is the fact that I can skip a month if I choose, and this is actually legit.  So I will gladly recommend you try ShoeDazzle for yourself. I think you will like it too.