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It’s that time of year again! IKEA…

4 Aug

Yes, my Ikea catalog has arrived in the mail! I love to sit down and flip through pages and pages of inspiration that I can actually afford!


I am really liking how the latest catalog is laid out. It is really easy to find all the product this time. In the past I have found it hard to decipher the product out of all the room shots. While the rooms shots are very inspirational, it is hard to see all the products and how they are being used in the space.  This time they seem to have more pages of product and info, and less pages of rooms. I like a catalog that is somewhat in the middle, inspiring spaces and also enough info to shop.

So I wanted to share a few of the new items that really caught my eye.

ImageThis hutch is SO unique and yet functional. I love the classic white and the modern lines. I think this piece would be a great way to bring a traditional space to a more transitional look. You could make this piece REALLY modern or somewhat transitional depending on what you put in it.



ImageI LOVE this chair. It is a little pricey for IKEA at $499, but the lines are fantastic and the fabrics go from fun, to sexy, to classic. YUMMY!

ImageA classic dhurrie rug, but at IKEA pricing! HELLO!

ImageI love the simple spiral detail on these wine glasses. An elegant and yet modern glassware.

ImageThis fabric is adorable and would look amazing as a quirky addition to a traditional space, or maybe in a nursery. SO CUTE!

ImageThis chandelier is stunning, and at $99 you can’t beat it anywhere!


ImageI have a thing for wall vases. This one is so simple and petite and I love it! $9.99 for a simple update to your wall decor.

Welp, you’ve done it again IKEA. Well done, WELL DONE! Let me know what products you guys are lovin’!

Until next time, Katrina


And the Pendulum Swings (because we’ve so been there, done that)

23 Aug

I’ve been waiting for some fresh inspiration for a while. Sorry I’ve been gone so long!! Finally some great spaces worth posting about. This post is about saying “Bye, Bye” to color and “Hello” to neutral rich textures.

Home Decor and Fashion is all about a swinging pendulum. We revolted from “antique white” walls back in 90’s starting with Red/Burgundy and Green. Then we moved on to blue/green (we revolted from the warm reds to cool tones) now the pendulum is swinging back the other direction. We are SO over color. Maybe it has to do with the economy (neutrals are safer so we don’t have to change expensive items out to make a change) or maybe it is just time. I for one have always loved an “all white” room and monochromatic decorating. I have always taught that expensive items in the home should always be neutral (IE: don’t put in hunter green countertops YUCK!)

The key is to add texture and rich finishes to a neutral palette. Avoid the pitfalls! Don’t fall for a cheaper version faux silk curtain panel or poly-filled pillow. Go for the real thing. These things can cheapen a room faster than peach carpet. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. I have several down filled pillows from Target. It just means be discerning and shop carefully.

This kitchen is so beautiful. I love the clean, simple, relaxing feel.

Whether modern, rustic, or country chic we are all going neutral. Neutral is a trend just like anything else and the pendulum will swing again, but at least I won’t be ripping out my flooring or selling by teal sofa to move on.

images via Desire to Inspire.

Re-Purposed Treasures!

20 Jul

Call it Re-Purposed, Recycled, or Upcycled…whatever you call it, it is “green” and oh so cool! I am in love with this re-purposed lighting collection from “Shades of Light”.

This re-purposed ladder makes the most fabulous “vintage chic” floor lamp! So “Anthropologie-like”.

My favorite piece is this spring pendant. So cute!


5 Jun

The look is called “Steampunk” and I am so excited to know that there is a “name” for my favorite decor style. For years I have tried to describe my style as an eclectic mix of traditional and modern, trying to spell out exactly what that meant. Now I can simply describe it as “steampunk” and I can’t believe such a fun and simple word says it all.

An interesting and out of the box combination of Victorian influence during the industrial revolution.

The look is sometimes thought of as “goth” but that doesn’t quite fit in my opinion.

Remember my post about how I have liked the “Art Nouveau” era before I even knew what “Art Nouveau” was. I mentioned how the 1990’s movie “Casper” inspired my decorative senses because of the incredible set. Well, that movie as well as “Wild,Wild West” is a great representation of “steampunk” style. Two new movies I can add to my “movie inspiration” list. Kinda weird to find inspiration in these movies, I know. Watch them again for yourself though, and you will see.

First described as “industrial”, “steampunk” is so much more involved than that. It is “industrial” with a feminine twist.

Reclaiming old “junk” and making it beautifully new for you.

One of my favorite parts of “steampunk” decor is the lighting. These lights are all available at one of my favorite lighting websites

images via ShadesofLight and Steampunkhome

Color Trend 2010!

21 Mar

They’ve been saying this for years now, but I think purple has finally found its way to the top in 2010. Not often have we seen purple rise to “trendome”. Could it all be because of Victory Ford’s fabulous apartment in Lipstick Jungle (a show that shouldn’t have been canceled!!) or is it just time. Well whatever it is, I’m digging it! I think it is time to have a little fun with color in 2010.

images via Shades of Light, Bandelle, Color Sizzle

Thinking outside the “Light” Box

28 Feb

I think one of the things that defines this generation’s design style is “thinking outside the box”. We don’t play by the rules and are not satisfied with the idea that a wallpaper or light fixture or wall color is “bedroomy” or “kitchen or bath”. We use what we want where we want it. We make closets into offices ( a trend I have seen many times in the past few years in the blogosphere). We use bedrooms as closets (such a great idea if you have a spare). One thing I really love is using lighting in unusual, creative ways. Above, the designer used 2 rows of pendants instead of the usual one to create depth and interest in the space.

This industrial inspired light hangs sparingly around the kitchen. No flush-mounts and “kitchy” chandelier over the table.

Sconces on the side of the bathroom mirror instead of a bath-strip over the mirror is actually the most faltering way to light your face. You’ll look ten years younger and have fabulous style to boot.

Swing arm wall lamps are not new, but using them as a picture light instead, GENIUS.

Instead of hanging a chandelier front and center in this room, this home owner used 2 lanterns above the seating areas instead. This is a great way to spread more light around the room instead of concentrating all the light in one place.

Turn a bath-strip sideways and you have a long and lean sconce to put on either side of the mirror for great lighting and an interesting look.

We’ve all seen arc lamps over chairs or cascading over the lovely sectional sofa, but here they stretch over the bed as a modern reading light. Love it!

images via Desire to Inspire, Cote de Texas, Pink Wallpaper, Beautiful Things to Share, Re:Fresh Design (click on pics above to link to these great blogs!)

Innovatively Adorable Kitchen Gear

25 Feb

Why just make a slot in a spoon when you can make a floral arrangement?

Why just a round coaster instead of a moisture resistant rubber flower?

Why struggle with keeping your tea tag out of your drink, when you can drink out of an adorable zipper mug that holds the tag out for you. I love innovative minds who think of practical, yet adorable ideas to help us in our daily lives while making life beautiful!

via Design Sponge

Simply Chic

20 Jan

Could neutrals be any hotter right now?!? I propose that they cannot! Classics are back baby and neutrals are hot. I am officially considering changing my wardrobe to strictly blacks and whites (this can include gray of course). Don’t want to do totally neutral? Well you’re in luck. A classic neutral wardrobe or decor is a perfect opportunity to really pop accessories or a pair of shoes.

images via Coco Kelley, Dress Design and Decor, and A Life more Fabulous.

My new love

26 Oct


I have recently found a new love. The name, “DemiJohn”. No it’s not a new man (my husband will be glad to know). It is a beautiful vintage glass jug, seen all over the magazines today. You can’t open a magazine or even a design blog and not see “demijohns” in beautiful rooms that vary from traditional, beachy, rustic, and modern. So the definition of this unusual name, a large bottle with a narrow neck used for the fermentation of liquids. So now you know. Enjoy!





The Evolution of the Lamp Shade

18 Sep




I amazes me how something as simple as a lamp shade can date a room back several decades. Changing a lamp shade can also update an old lamp and change the look of a room in an instant. Lamp shade trends have changed so much over the years. In the 1960’s and 70’s drum shades were big. However, these weren’t the drum shades we are digging on today. Nope the style way back when was for the shade to actually be just as tall or taller than the lamp itself. I have clients come in with beautiful vintage lamps all the time, and the height of the original harps on these things scare me. Some customers even insist on getting the same size shade as was on the lamp before, not to maintain the original design of the lamp (because lets face it, this lamp has probably already been through several decades of shade changes before the latest one was left on it way to long), but because their eye is used to seeing this size shade on this lamp they want this size again (tip: a great way to adjust your eye to updated looks is to always pour over the latest design magazines).

So let me start off my saying, your lamp shade should no longer be taller than your lamp (this just ain’t cool anymore) and there is not a particular size lamp shade for your lamp. You can put several different sizes and shapes on the same lamp and they look equally as good (key: change your harp to fit lamp shades of different heights and always bring your lamp to the store when buying a new shade).























This shade is way to tall for this lamp (what used to be stylish just isn’t anymore). If your lamp shade resembles this, it is time for a change! The lamp itself can look really great with the right shade.


Again, this room has not been updated in several decades and the first tip off that it hasn’t is the lampshade! 


Now on to the 80’s. Oh boy, here we go. Of course the pendulum always swings the other direction for the next generation. In the 80’s people hated drum shades because that is what their parents had. They revolted with the “not to cool anymore” coolie shades. Coolie shades have a very large opening at the bottom and a very small opening at the top. They are extremely tapered, and to a fault I might add. These wide mouth shades require a huge table space and a very short harp. I have seen so many coolie shades with the lining busting out due to high heat from the lightbulb being too close to the shade. A very poor design I think. To put it gently, they remind me of a cheap beach hotel room in desperate need for renovation.














In the 90’s/ 2000’s we started to develop of love for a more classic lamp shade. The traditional bell shade resurfaced and with embellishments. There was fringe, beads, feathers, you name it. There was a flair for the overdone.



Of course, you can’t forget the dreaded “gathered pleated shades”, or should I call them dust collectors. They gather more dust and dirt than my swiffer and ignite allergies everywhere they go. Oh, and that golden glow you’ve grown so accustom to (you just can’t figure out why none of the new shades of that glow), thats not what the shade is supposed to look like. that is the vinyl lining yellowing from heat and age. Not a pretty look.



















I am not naive enough to think we have overcome all bad trends and are never doomed to repeat them, but I feel like the lamp shades of today have a certain classic appeal that I love. They aren’t extremely long, or extremely tapered, or extremely anything but beautiful.


Pleats have grown! I love pleated lamp shades, box pleated lamp shades that is. Boxpleat lamp shades are so classic and a perfect marriage of masculine and feminine. They seem to fit in any design style. It kills me to see a nose wrinkle at the word pleated. Pleats are good people, just not gathered pleats on lamp shades and pleat front slacks.


The new drum shade is much more in scale with the lamp. It is slightly shorter than the lamp yet has a wider girth.


The new taper on lamp shades is very slight. They are almost a drum shape. They feel much softer and more elegant than “coolies”.



Then there are the odd balls. They aren’t to odd anymore though. You are seeing a lot of square, rectangle, and oval shades. I love, love, love an oval shade!


Finally, one of my favorite shade shapes, resurfacing from centuries back. The shield shape is oh so French. I love my chicken wire shield lamp shade!

Generally I only like to show pretty rooms on my blog, but I thought this was a lesson worth teaching. I found a great site during my search called “Ugly House Photos”. If you are still digging your “coolies” you may want to check this site out. If your house in any way resembles the ones on this site, seek immediate help. I always like to end on a high note, so here goes. There are not really any set rules one must follow in design. Designers break the rules all the time. So if you just can’t break your “coolie” habit, don’t sweat it. Trends always come back around.

Pics via Ugly House Photos, Vintage Peddler,CotedeTexas, Bargain Hunter,Decorno, Phoebe Howard