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DIY Chalkboard Pendant Banner

16 Aug

I ran across this chalkboard pendant banner on Pinterest and thought it was a genius idea.


A pendant banner for every occasion! Simply decorate the pendants with chalk to match your party theme and “BAM” custom pendant banner.

With Luke’s first birthday coming up, I wanted to try to make my own DIY version. I hit my local party supply store and picked up a cheap pendant banner. The style didn’t matter because I was going to paint it. I picked up this simple blue pendant banner for $4.99.


 First, I cut off all the blue fringe and started painting with some leftover chalkboard paint I had in the garage.

Here is what it looked like after the first coat.


It was a little streaky, but I knew the next coat would fix that. I also remembered to peel the pendants up off of the plastic drop cloth after each coat, in order that they would not stick later.

Oh yeah, and I saved all the “blue fringe” I cut off earlier for DIY confetti for the party.


I then covered up the blue ribbon that attached all of the triangle pendants with black and white decorative washi tape. I did this on the front and back to cover all sides and to cover the sticky back of the washi tape.

Here is my final product.


I wrote “The Big 1” on the pendants in white chalk. This banner would be perfect to hang across the front of a high chair for a babies first birthday or across the front of a buffet table at any party. I think I will hang this in the background of Luke’s first birthday photos to remember the occasion.

I think I could paint my whole house with chalkboard paint :)! Ok, maybe not the whole house but I do have a few more projects in mind for the rest of my quart.

Until next time, Katrina


Baby Shower Decorations and My Inspiration

26 May

Dipped Marshmellows

My “baby boy” version, chocolate dipped marshmellows with blue sprinkles.

Sliced oranges to fill a vase.

Sliced limes for this party.

Rice krispy cake…sooo good!

Macaroons of course.

My “artsy” icing version rice krispy cake and blue and green macaroons.

Popcorn cones from craftpaper and paper “pom-poms”.

I used plaid and floral craft paper to make my popcorn cones.I special ordered lagoon blue, light blue, and green pom-poms from etsy and strung lights from the ceiling.

And last but not least…

Blue Jones soda to match our “blue, green, and brown” theme.

Hope this gives you some great ideas for the next baby shower you need to throw.

Love, Katrina

Recreate Lauren Conrad’s Dinner Party

5 Apr

A great little slideshow to check out over at CasaSugar. They recreate this beautiful dinner party put on by Lauren Conrad. I just had to post this because I loved the result. I mean look at that picture, don’t you?

Baby Shower Preparation

1 Apr

All my friends are having babies!! I am throwing my dear friend Caitlyn and baby shower and I am giving everyone a sneak peek in to some of the preparations for the fun party. I’ll post the results of my attempt to recreate these wonderful party ideas in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

images via Beautiful Things to Share, Made by Girl, The Pink Slip, and Angelic Baby Shower Gifts

Party Time!

30 May


I am so excited. My friend Jessie is pregant and I can’t wait to throw my first baby shower. I am collecting fun ideas for the decorations. Here’s what I have found so far. What do you think? Do you have any creative party ideas you can share with me?