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A Bathroom Rescue: Before and After

21 Aug

Here is what our second upstairs bathroom looked like when we bought our townhouse. It was truly scary! The floors were gross! The vanity cabinet was dark and dreary. It needed some TLC for sure! Image

Here is what it looks like now. Image

First we replaced the flooring with the same dark wood floor we have throughout the entire house. I like houses with flooring that never changes. I think it creates a great flow from room to room and it makes the house feel larger. I painted the walls Oasis Blue by Benjamin Moore and the ceiling in a fun yellow and white stripe (sorry don’t remember the color). I primed the vanity with BIN primer. BIN primer is a shellac base primer that will just about stick to any surface. I have painted a lot of pre-finished furniture and cabinets with this stuff. It works really well and leaves a smooth finish. I used two coats of primer on the cabinets because the primer is very thin by design. I think this allows it to stick better and go on smoother. Oh yeah, and this primer dries very quickly, so it makes the project go pretty fast. I used a sponge roller when painting both the primer coat and the finish coat. I always use sponge rollers when painting furniture and cabinetry. It creates a smooth finish and the rounded edge of the roller makes painting nooks and crannies much easier.

Click these pictures to check out each product from Home Depot.

bin sponge rollerThen I painted the vanity cabinet gloss white. I used a 100% acrylic gloss paint for this. You can use acrylic or oil based paint over the BIN primer. It only took one top coat because the primer had already done most of the work covering the wood finish.

 For a finishing touch on the vanity I replaced the hardware with pulls from an Ikea chest I already had. I had previously replaced the hardware on the Ikea chest with cute knobs I found on clearance at Anthropologie.

The last step of the makeover was to add some fun and colorful decor. I chose a cute Cow picture (also from Ikea), a colorful shower curtain (from Target) and bath mat (also Target) and done. It doesn’t look too shabby now and it is a fresh space that is airy, inviting, and fun for Luke!


Best Volume Hair Tip Ever

7 May

For my first “Tutorial Tuesday” back I wanted to share this recent life changing hair tutorial that I found about a month ago on pinterest. It is truly easy and fast which is extremely important to a new mom. Not only do I spend less time doing my hair now because I like it so much better after doing this that I don’t waste time fiddling with it and then giving up, I also save money on product because I only use hairspray.

Tutorial Tuesday! DIY Silhouettes

17 Aug

Since in my previous post I gave an example of unique and inexpensive art I thought this tutorial would be a perfect follow up to that.

This DIY tutorial on how to create your own silhouette art is fun and easy on your wallet.

Click here to see how these adorable silhouettes are made via Tater Tots and Jello

Tutorial Tuesday…How to make a slipcover.

26 Jul

I will be following this tutorial soon myself, so I thought I would post it as a reminder and as a guide for anyone else that would like to attempt to refashion an old chair or in my case a chaise.

Click on this image of a lovely slipcovered chair to check out the tutorial… easy step by step instructions. I will let you know how easy it actually is soon.

via TheNester

Tutorial Tuesday/ Painted Wallpaper

6 Jul

After my recent experience with hanging wallpaper in a tiny bathroom I am singing a different tune about painting faux wallpaper.

I commented on another blogs post about how much I love wallpaper and I do! However, after reading this tutorial and after messing up wallpaper in almost every way possible in my guest bathroom, I wanna try my hand at painting wallpaper in my next bath. There is nothing else that gives a bathroom spark like patterned walls and this tutorial may save you some money and heartache.

This tutorial via Jones Design Company is thorough as all her many tutorials are.

I want to recreate this wallpaper by Schumacher in my master bath.

Not all these patterns of course, the dotted stripe called the Gabrielle stripe is simple, clean and I think will be easy to recreate. This will save me a ton of money, probably about $500, and will give my bathroom a designer look.

I am not an advocate for all DIY projects. I think some things should be left to the Pros to give a professional look but I think I can make little dots on the wall. I am thinking to keep them uniform I will use the eraser of a pencil dipped in paint to make the dots. Stayed tuned to see how my DIY wallpaper project turns out and how I remedied my wallpaper goofs in my guest bath.

Tutorial Tuesday, “How to make kitchen cabinets taller”

29 Jun

Tutorial Tuesday comes to us today via The Lettered Cottage. I had to post this tutorial simply because I must remember how to do this when it comes time for me to tackle this project myself.

The before from The Lettered Cottage looks vaguely familiar, hmm!?!

Now the after that is really spectacular.

Click here to see the step by step tutorial and look forward to the money you will be saving and the fantastic kitchen you will have after tackling this DIY project.

Tutorial Tuesday!

21 Jun

It is hot outside and I’m in the mood to wear breezy dresses and skirts. This skirt is perfect for a day like today.

A knock off of a not-so-affordable option from Anthropologie, this knit skirt would be perfect for a summer day. I love how she paired it with a simple tank.

Visit “Ruffles and Roses” blog for even more cute summer skirt tutorials. If you do, you will be inspired and save money on your summer wardrobe. A win,win!

Tutorial Tuesday

14 Jun

Gonna start a new weekly blog featuring my favorite tutorials circling the internet that week. The tutorials may feature decor, fashion, or even great recipes. Basically anything that teaches you to make something great I want to share. I will even throw in a few of my own projects in the mix as I continue to work on my home.

So here is my first Tutorial Tuesday:

How to clean out a bulb to make vases or candle holders…

Here are examples of fabulous things made from the empty bulbs:

A totally cute mini terrarium!

A vase for single flowers or modern blades of grass!

Light bulb candle holders, so cute!

Do you have anymore “light bulb” ideas? Send them to me so we can all share!

(click images to link to sources)